The Parasitic Mind

How infectious ideas are killing common sense

I do like to read books that are out of my proverbial ‘comfort zone’. Just a few each year, that I maybe would not have normally read. I stumbled onto Dr Gad Saad. I’m hooked.

In today’s modern world, everything can be labelled ‘offensive’, science can be questioned, and dictionary definitions can change with no rationale to back them up. All these things and more, have led us to a culture of ‘being safe and always feeling unchallenged’. Being challenged is part of life. Dr Saads book challenges the world and life as it is. He challenges how the ‘infectious ideas’ that we hear and see nowadays are destroying basic common sense.  

The Parasitic mind is a timely and brilliant discussion on the world of today and what is wrong with it. For those who respect basic values such as individualism and truth, alongside autonomy, it’s the most important book you’ll ever read. It is beautifully written for the layman to read, although there are more than enough facts and academia to back up the statements throughout.  Dr Saad is a witty man. He is well read and highly intelligent, this coming across throughout the book. He examines everything from trigger warnings to the simplicity of how reason, truth and logic has taken a back seat to emotion. He talks of academia controversies and terrorism as well as touching on gender issues.  He also discusses the social justice warriors that we see today, through to the victimhood that they portray.

The book had many moments that made me laugh. Dr Saad is not afraid to talk about the woke, radical left politics and the bizarre heights that it has taken people to. When it’s a controversial subject, our author backs it up with mountains of academia. When it’s his opinion being discussed, he is not afraid to inject his own sense of humour. This is a great book.