Aidan Mccann – magician

You may have heard of “Ellen”, who has her own daytime show,  You may have heard of Irelands got Talent. You may have heard of Britains got Talent. You may even have heard of ‘Bright Sparks’

My latest interview is a star in the making. At eleven years old, he has already been on all  of the shows I`ve mentioned. 

He has met Ellen De Generes, Emily Blunt, The Jonas Brothers, Colin Farrell, Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, David  Walliams and more.

Meet Aidan McCann

Due to the Covid pandemic, lockdowns and the distance that lies between Australia and Ireland, this interview was conducted in a unique way! I emailed Aidan my questions and he sent me back an audio recording of his answers. 

Aidan is young, gifted and incredibly articulate for his age. The performance genes are strong in his family and have landed squarely on his shoulders. Aidan told me all about his family, magic, acting and the person that he would love to interview in his magic corner!!!

Tell me about your family and where you live

My name is Aidan and I am 11 years old. In my family there is my mum, Dad and my sister. There is also a new addition to our family. Our puppy Trixie (Trix for short!) is 14 weeks old!! Plus of course the rest of my family too! I live in Maynooth which is in Co. Kildare. Its not far from Dublin. 

How old were you when you started doing magic?

I was 5 years old when I first started noticing magic and realising what it was all about. I loved watching performers do street magic. When I was 6, we had a cool magic show birthday party. It was that show that made me want to introduce humour into my performances. I love getting a laugh from people. 

I was 7 or 8 when I really started doing card magic. I learnt it myself from YouTube videos. 

Do you have any favourite tricks that you like to perform?

It would have to be card tricks. I love to manipulate the cards. I also like mentalism tricks, someone can think of a word and I know that word. There are no tricks I don’t like doing really. 

Has anything ever gone wrong?

Yes it certainly has! I won’t tell you where or when but a deck of cards was dropped. I was ready to go on to perform the magic so Mum had to step in to make sure everything was ready as I hadn’t seen what had happened from my position. 

How did you get into acting?

My parents are both actors and run a drama school. I got into acting and voiceovers although I don’t have much time for that  with all the magic I do!! I love doing a series called “Bright Sparks” where I play a character called Billy. There is even some magic squeezed in there!!! 

Tell me about Ellen and Shim Lim

I went on the Ellen show and she gave me tickets to see Shim Lim in Vegas. I performed with him on stage in his show and I am the youngest magician to perform in Vegas!!!


It was so much fun on Ellen. Ive been on three times now. The last time was remotely. Remotely was not as much fun but we still managed to get some good energy going! 

I love the audience monitors she has though. Some people are in the studio and some are on people size screens! It looked awesome. 

Talk to me about your “magic corner”

I do a segment on Ellen called Aidans Magic Corner. So far I have shown magic to The Jonas Brothers,  Emily Blunt and Colin Farrell. 

Do you have a favourite?

Yes I do! Colin Farrell  definitely. He had loads of energy!

If you could interview anyone or share the magic corner with anyone, who would it be?

Will Smith, Will Ferrell, The Rock, well…any funny man really If I had to choose, Id say The Rock. People say I am his twin!!! 


Tell me about Britains Got Talent. 

Well, I made it into the semi finals of Irelands got talent but I got to the final of Britains got Talent. For the semi of BGT, I had to perform remotely from my bedroom in Ireland due to Covid. For the final, I was on stage in London. 

David Walliams was so funny and I`d love to interview Simon Cowell too. 

Looking forward to 2021, what can we expect from Aidan McCann?

I would love to go back to Ellen again. Doing that show is so much fun and we get to stay near Universal Studios which is always a great place to visit. 

I would love to do more Bright Sparks. As for anything else….who knows????