Robes and Veils

In scarlet robes and veiled faces,

We march in unison to our designated places.

Our every move is watched, our every word controlled,

We’re but mere vessels, to bear a child and hold.

Our names are stripped, our identities erased,

Reduced to nothing, our spirits displaced.

We’re forced to breed, with men we barely know,

Our bodies, our futures, all taken in one blow.

But still, we resist, we hold on to hope,

And find small ways to cope.

With our whispered conversations and secret glances,

We keep alive our dreams and our chances.

For we know deep down, that we are more than this,

That our worth and our being, cannot be dismissed.

And so we fight, with every breath and every thought,

For our dignity, our freedom, and the battles yet to be fought.