The Fall of Minneapolis

I read in a review of this documentary how it was called “radioactive”. Some might ask why, but I can tell you why in one sentence. In fact, I take that back, I can do it in one word. That word is truth.  My innate curiosity impels me to scrutinise narratives. My favourite two words of the English language are a simple yet profound “but why?” Throughout this entire documentary, veteran Minneapolis reporter Liz Collin has questioned everything, examined everything and shared the truth.

Liz Collin is the constant face you will see in the film, a calming influence in this explosive documentary. She does not complicate the issues. The questions are simple, yet direct and are handed to officers impacted by the false narratives. The questions are also put to family members, including Derek Chavin`s mother who remains unbelievably calm and rational, all things considered. The questions are put to the people that matter. Those who had their feet on the ground and were there, impacted by what was occurring around them.


“The Fall of Minneapolis” is a sobering explanation of the death of George Floyd and the events surrounding it. It is soft spoken in its manner. There are no theatrics, no raised voices. No commentators looking into the camera dismissing what you are seeing. Throughout the documentary we see many who have been wronged by the events in questions and those in seniority to them, yet those who’ve been wronged maintain a restraint. I would argue, as I’m sure others would, that these people should have opened up and ‘let rip’ but that is easy for me to say having only witnessed it all through a screen. The main thing that needs to be considered when watching this broadcast, is that the Left’s “narratives” reign supreme. They still do today. Hold that thought as you watch the documentary and the truths come to light

George Floyd and the police response

The initial 15 minutes of “Fall” are deeply unsettling. During this period, we witness the presence of multiple body cameras worn by the officers who responded to confront George Floyd following his attempt to use counterfeit bills at a nearby store. The officers are seen trying to coax him into the police cruiser. Floyd resists and refuses to follow instruction. While the officers show remarkable patience, it is a difficult watch knowing that we are witnessing the last minutes of a man’s life.

A significant number of people had not been exposed to this footage, as a considerable portion of it was deliberately withheld for extended periods. The only video that was initially shown was the viral video that stunned the world, taken by a member of public on the street. However, while watching the body cam footage, we are able to view all the angles, which give a completely different view of the situation. One might argue that this scenario draws parallels to the suppression of the Nashville shooter’s manifesto by both the media and law enforcement, and you would be right. 

As the lies begin to show

As we move through “Fall” the lies start to sing out loudly. To try and think that you should consider meeting the lies halfway is inappropriate. There are too many and they cut too deep. For example, the incident has been called a racist attack. The four cops were a multi-cultural team. Two white, one was black, and another was Asian American. Many people accepted the racist rhetoric without considering the big picture and examining the evidence that was there right in front of them.

The protests and riots

As we move through the documentary we shift to the protests, including the fall of Minneapolis 3rd Precinct. While we are shown some news footage, the story is primarily told through interview by those who had feet on the ground – the officers on the scene. The horrifying and heartbreaking stories of how they were left defenceless on scene will terrify you.

What is even more chilling is that superiors passed messages down the line to them telling them to” Just wear your helmets and stand there.” The officers had no riot gear. No back up. No support. They had to just stand there and take whatever came at them. When the media showed the riots, they were portrayed as police failure, and due to George Floyd’s death.

What “Fall” does show you however, is everything the media didn’t. While the police were told to stand there and just take what was thrown at them, the rioters ruled the city. While the police were frequently injured by flying glass, frozen water bottles, bricks and more, there were minimal arrests made. The police had been told to simply stand their ground.

The saddest part of this was that most of the officers reluctantly retired after these riots and Floyd’s death. The interviews expertly managed by Liz Collin, allowed them to express their emotion and many are seen in tears. They did not want to leave a job they deeply cared for

George Floyd autopsy

Dr Baker, the coroner and pathologist noted during the autopsy that George Floyd was a man with arteriosclerotic heart disease, an artery 75% blocked and covid. He noted deadly levels of fentanyl and other drugs in his body. He also noted no damage to the neck of George Floyd, indicating that George passed away through drugs as opposed to anything else.

The second autopsy, completed by Dr Michael Baden (who was hired by the Floyd family) found different findings. Dr Baden commented on George Floyd being “a healthy young man” and went on to rule the cause of death as “the sustained pressure on his neck impeded blood flow to the brain while the weight on his back impeded his ability to breathe. It was ruled as homicide.”

Here is a question: How did that independent autopsy come to that conclusion without even viewing his body?

The documentary explained to the viewer how the FBI met with the original coroner after Baden’s review. Soon after, the official autopsy report was changed to find Chauvin was to blame. Floyd’s cause of death had become “cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual, restraint, and neck compression.

As I stated earlier, this is the lefts narrative. It had been decided by the public, the media and the political left what had happened. The actual evidence, the truth, didn’t match up with the version that everyone had decided on, so the left allowed their narrative to be broadcast. The truth was buried.

Derek Chavins Trial

Minnesota Democrats and prosecutors rushed to judge the officers involved in Floyd’s arrest without due process. They were summarily fired within 24 hours and within 5 days charges were laid at the feet of the 4 policemen. There were several issues that were problematic relating to the trial.

  • How can a man, no matter what he is accused of, be given a fair and impartial trial when the location of the trial is less than 10 minutes’ drive from the scene of the crime?
  • How can that trial be impartial when it is held in the same town as the riots have been?
  • How can it be impartial when the jury is only ‘partially sequestered’ through the trial?
  • How was it a fair trial when through commentary of the general public, Maxine Waters and the White House, the world was being riled up with the demand of a guilty verdict.
  • How was it a fair trial when comments were made in the media that if a guilty verdict wasn’t given, there would be more confrontation and riots on the street?
  • How was it a fair trial when it is noted that critical evidence wasn’t allowed to be considered. (The judge refused to allow evidence of George Floyd’s previous drug arrest arguing that it could bias jurors against Floyd who was not the one on trial.)
  • When false testimony is given in the Chavin trial, how is that a fair trial?

That is just a few. I could keep going.

Hearing from the officers 

Liz Collin called both Chauvin and Officer Alex Kueng from prison. They, too, spoke about the many false statements that led to their prison sentences. Given their situation, both were incredibly calm and rational and spoke clearly in their phone interviews.

Explosion of Crime since 2020

Since 2020 crime has exploded in Minneapolis. Incidents relating to BLM and “Defund the Police” rose up following Floyd’s death. Homicides and carjackings both soared.

One number went down. The number of police officers shrank from 892 to 513. Is that a coincidence?


The documentary is a hard watch, but  a  necessary and worthy one. It is very clear right from the start that the lefts narrative is the projected one and the one that the world was asked to believe. As more and more information come to light through documentaries such as this, the world is waking up to the truth. The world are now noting that media are withholding information to suit the narrative. Think about what you hear on the news? Look deeper into what you see and search for truths. They are always there and just need a little digging in order to find them.

Liz Collin did the digging for this documentary and produced a stunning piece of work. Her accompanying book “They’re lying: The Media, the Left and the death of George Floyd” is well worthy of a read. It’s written well and does not beat around the bush. It steps through the facts one at a time and lays out the evidence for you to make your judgement.

The trial of Derek Chavin and the fall of Minneapolis should encourage us to ask questions and action solutions. Was justice served in Minneapolis? Should the trial have been held in Minneapolis given all the anger and property damage that followed to a quieter venue? Were jurors able to make a fair decision given their understanding of what would happen should they not find the officers guilty? If the careers of four diverse police officers were to be sacrificed, was it worth it?

Due to the viral video that went online very quickly, it made sure that the police were guilty until proven innocent. They had a trial by media and trial by social media, even before the evidence was gathered.

If this documentary has taught us anything, it should be how manipulative the media/government can be with facts, and we how need to stand up for our rights and the rights of others, as well as what we believe in.