Eleven Thousand hours

Eleven thousand hours since i heard your voice, thats how long it has been.

Fifteen months since i saw you.

Time is irrelevant however we count it.

Its still wrong that you`re gone. It always will be.

You stare at me from a photo on the wall.

Looking at me, into the depths of my soul.

You knew every inch of me, inside and out

We were together and free, of that there’s no doubt.

Did I mention to you, that I’d Iike you back

I know I cant have you. I know that is that.

Did I mention to you,  I’d love to see you.

Just a small visit, a hello. A hug would do too!

Hearing your voice, a thrill and such joy

Making my heart feel on top of the world.

I know that wont happen, so what do I do?

Eleven thousand hours since I  saw and heard you.