Bellthorpe Stays

When you decide to go on a trip, whether that trip is 2 days, a week or more, sometimes recommendations are great to take into account. Bellthorpe Stays was just that – a recommendation. 

We booked in for 2 nights, arriving around 2pm on the first day and leaving by 10am on day 3.  We booked into Bowerbird Cabin, which had everything that we could need. 2 bedrooms, bathroom, log fire and everything you could possibly want. We met the owner who directed us to the local walks. 

As we usually do when we go away, the cool-box was packed with enough food to give us a light meal on the first night and a dinner on the second. We took some snacks and drinks and we were all set. 

We settled in and relaxed that first night but realised one thing very quickly. The internet signal was poor. So poor, that there was no signal on the phone at all, and you could not use the phone as a hotspot for the iPad.  We spent our first night watching DVDs that I had bought with me, as even our basic podcasts that we watch daily were unobtainable. 

Due to being in the Winter months, we didn’t expect to see much wildlife, so were pleasantly surprised when a 5ft goanna went past us as we stood on the deck!

Bowerbird Cabin

The next morning, day 2 of the trip, the remoteness of the place really sunk in and we realised that it was too remote for us. We did not stay the second night.

In the spring and summer months, I  imagine that Bellthorpe Stays is abundant with wildlife and birds. The spring and summer months would also make the walks more appealing too. While we were there, it was very cold

Bellthorpe Stays has everything you need, apart from communication with the outside world. Many will find cutting off from the world appealing, but when the internet is a necessary part of your daily life, you know that you are not one of them.