Diploma in  Professional Writing Attained November 2019.

  • Developing creative writing : Distinction.
  • Creating a Writing portfolio : High Distinction.
  • Editing and publishing work : High Distinction. 

Certificate in Creative Writing – Attained April 2020.

  • Writing Fiction – 100%
  • Poetry – 100%
  • Childrens Writing – 100%
  • Biographical Writing – 100%
  • Editing – 100%
  • Dramatic Writing – 100%


Austin Macauley Publishers:

  • Poetry book – “Ramblings of a forty something widow” – released October 30 2020.
  • Childrens book titled: “My Adventures with Bruce” – Publication day June 30. 

Womanuk online magazine:

  • Article published – “Navigating the w word. Widowhood in grief”

Profile online magazine:

  • Article published – “From nursing to notebooks – finding the  new me”

Womankind Magazine:

  • “Life in lockdown” article submitted. 
  • “My new normal” article submitted. 
  •  Parts taken from each one and published in May issue. 
CT Media:
  • Article published – “Falls in the elderly”
  • Article published – “Bathroom falls and injuries amongst the elderly”
  • Article published – “How far a mobility scooter can go” 
  • Article published – “How fast can mobility scooters go?

Pro women’s choice directory blog:

  • Poem published October 2020 – “The Candle”

October Hill

  • Poem published April 2021-  “The woman”

Queensland Writers Centre

  • Active member. 

Ghostwritten book

  • Dementia care. 13000 words 

Assisting Celebrant

  • Assisting celebrant to put together life stories for her clients. This has been ongoing since September 2020. 
  • Assisting celebrant in writing her services for the funerals she oversees.
  • Assisted celebrant to write the Mothers Day Service for Adelaide Cemetaries Authority. 


With 30 years of nursing experience, team management, quality control, risk management and conflict resolution I had an incredible nursing career. Following the sad death of my husband from a rare illness, I found this career would no longer give me what I was looking for. The drive for it had gone.

Having started writing years ago, I turned back to this in my grief. The grief inspired me to produce poetry, articles and short stories. The writing that is now being produced is high quality, evocative and yet still emotional in nature.

As a new widow of less than a year, life had become a new kind of normal for me. Writing helped me to traverse the path and find that new way of existing, one that I was settled with and could focus on. By writing about my own experiences, I realised that if I could help one person, I had done my job. Writing about experiences as a widow has gained some incredible feedback and some new friends.

This new career has given me something to focus on and new heights to aim for. I have already had several published articles and poems  as well as starting my freelance writing career officially! If I am to have a new normal, then let it be one where I can stoke the fire with my passion. I love this role, my writing is evocative yet calming. The world is ready for me.

Link to published works

“Ramblings” book Reviews

“Bruce” Book Reviews

Work in progress

Travel Blogs

Since the sad passing of my husband and my mum, my dad and I have found ourselves in a unique situation of sharing a house and sharing travels. The travel blogs will incorporate my writing and Dads photography. 


I have many article ideas that are all on a big list beside me. I am working through these and researching for them too. 

Custom Work

Exclusive writing available for that something special in your life. Do you need a poem for a loved one? Do you need a speech writing? Are you looking for a story idea for a child?

Please feel free to contact me through the contact page or the email icon in the social media links.