Over the weekend I watched the 20th anniversary Band of Brothers Symposium. Due to Covid, it had been reorganised a couple of times, but finally, the National World War 2 museum in New Orleans,  was able to host the event. What an event it was. As I watched the event and listened to the panels,  it reminded me that the  most vital part of it, is continuing the legacy. Sharing the stories down the generation.

So, there I was. I had finished watching the symposium. Just got into bed, turned over and inspiration hit me. I grabbed my iPhone and started talking into the notes app to get this down and here is the result. 


At the back of the camp, the mountain stood tall. 

Towering there, over us all.

Rising up. It’s name, Currahee , they said.

The sight of the mountain filled us with dread. 

3 miles up 3 miles down. No time. Don’t stop.

Keep running, keep moving. Feet pounding. Don’t drop.

All of the companies. Together we were.

In the shadow of the mountain. Stand alone and  stand firm.

Currahee was the war cry,  into battle we go.

We stand alone together, through wind, rain and snow.

We stood with our friends. We fought where they fell.

We wondered  `will the war end?` Who could ever tell.

But above everything else, we stood brothers and friends.

That brotherhood continued long after wars end.

That brotherhood now, next generation along.

Children and grandchildren singing our song.

Telling our stories. Sharing our lives.

We stand alone together.  Currahee was our cry.

To the men of Easy, thanks is never enough.

Thank you for your duty, your service and love. 

To your families, we know what these men meant to you.  Thank you for sharing your stories and truths.