Burrum Heads



As you can see from the map, we headed to Burrum Heads. This was the second trip of 2023. 


Travelling to Burrum Heads was a much shorter trip than some of the ones that we have been on recently.  2 ½ hours and we reached what would be home base until Monday.


When Dad and I book accomodation, we have to be very specific about a ‘dad/daughter’ travelling. When you say “2 people” it is a natural assumption that it is a couple. While we are two people, we are not a couple. Even though he does rib me from time to time, introducing me as his girlfriend (knowing full well it embarrasses me).

I found the accommodation on Air B&B. It’s a first for us trying an Air B&B and go say I was quietly impressed was an understatement. Everything was delightfully easy to deal with. The accomodation was 126 Burrum Street. It was a 2-bed home that has been set up for holidaymakers. It had everything that you could possibly need. In fact, I’d say the kitchen was better equipped with plates, cups and other utensils than our own.


Burrum heads is located 20 minutes from Hervey Bay and 4 hours north of Brisbane. It’s beachside charm and a laidback lifestyle bring travellers here regularly. In 1888, the small town was a fishing village for the miners in the coalfields. The local township was originally named Traviston, after a businessman who built one of the first homes in the 1870s. Roll the clock forward to 1950 and the name changed finally to Burrum heads. It has a population of 1737 and is a small and sleepy place


With the weather sitting around the 29–31-degree mark, we knew that it would be pretty good. Sporadic rain appeared every now and then, but that never dampens spirits.


If you are looking for somewhere with lots to do, Burrum Heads is not the place. If you’re looking for somewhere with shops and a cinema to amuse you, Burrum Heads will not tick those boxes. A bowls club, a tavern, a chip shop, butchers, coffee shop and a Foodworks grocer.   Burrum Heads is primarily a fishing village.


23 Feb

Arriving about an hour early to our accomodation, we found it ready and waiting for us. We offloaded our bags and unpacked, settling in for a relaxing afternoon. We had a quick drive to the local boat ramp, Dad refreshing his memory on a previous visit with mum.

As we neared sunset, dad grabbed his camera gear and we set off to the beach. I should mention that the beach is at the end of the garden! Following that, it was off to Burrum Heads tavern for dinner. It was busy when we entered at1830, but it’s the only one in town, so the town was there. We tested out the parmigiana and the ribs, which were not only amazing value but tasty too.

24 Feb

Off to the beach at sunrise for dad, while I took the cowards way out and stayed in bed! He got many pictures but did get caught in the rain. Not just a quick shower, but a full-on downpour. As I type this, his clothes are drying outside in the breeze, along with his camera strap, drone and camera bag. The tripod has had a full on clean and looks like new.

We spent the afternoon ducking in and out of the sporadic rain and driving around the local boat ramps and beach paths. We managed to get the drone up, but there wasn’t much to see from where we were.  The evening was quiet. Catching up on emails.  

25 Feb

Breakfast and a shower and relaxing this morning before we head out later. We had a little drive out and was aiming to get to ‘the Esplanade’ which would have put us alongside the ISIS river. Well, many roads (as dad always says) had healed up! Where the map said there was a road, we were greeted with a gate and Private Property sign. So, back for lunch and a beer, then off out later.

This afternoon we ended up driving to Toogoom and then onto Hervey Bay. Dinner at Bayswater Hotel (somewhere we’d been before) and back to the holiday let.

26 Feb

The last proper morning here and dad was off to the beach. Close up photography, seascapes and using the drone.  He went for the trifecta! Being near the beach seems to have given some inspiration to him.  The beach is home to lots of driftwood and fallen trees, so there is certainly some creativity on offer.

A relaxing morning, switching between sitting inside and out (due to the 30-degree heat!) and I found myself starting a new book. Managed to get some writing done too. My Burrum Heads piece is almost done. My Camp Toccoa piece is done. My Ben Shapiro book review is done. Lunch out at the pub. A walk along the beach this afternoon and packing for home.

It feels like we have been here a lot longer than 4 days, and that’s a good thing. It’s been relaxing, without any stress.

27 Feb

Today is home time, the biggest decision being whether we take the direct route home or go via the scenic route. There’s a couple of options that we have but what will we choose? We chose the direct route. Stopped in Tiaro for breakfast and coffee. Tiaro is turning out to be our regular stop when we head north. Home sweet home and a Ioad of washing. There`s always a downside!

Will I be going back to Burrum Heads? 

Most definitely. Let me be honest, I have never found anywhere in Australia that I never want to go back to! I would like to revisit Burrum in the Winter.  The serenity of it, the nothingness was a winner for me. Much as I love going out and visiting places, I am just as happy with a chair, the beach and a good book….and the occasional glass of wine.