Jessica Tabone

Make up artist, manicures, pedicures, eyebrows. You name it. Jessica can do it! Like many businesses during the quarantine from COVID19, Jessica had to close for a while. Her clients missed her, including the new clients like me! In this article, we learn who Jessica is. We look at her work, everything she loves about it and more. 

Skin and Beauty by Jessica

Who is Jessica Tabone?

Proud owner of “Skin and Beauty by Jessica” and loving her job, that is Jessica. That one sentence sums her up completely. If you ask Jessica to sum herself up, she would tell you “I would describe myself as fun, caring, honest, dedicated and a perfectionist.”

Jessica has been a beauty therapist for over 14 years and tells me that the love for the job has never waned. While prior jobs in supermarkets and hospitality may have brought in the wages, the beauty work has given her a sense of pride and achievement.

How did “Skin and Beauty by Jessica” come to be?

Jessica told me her story.  When she was in school, friends loved her make-up and noted her talent for beauty therapy she said. Jessica sought out work experience in the area and as they say, the rest is history! She has worked in a variety of salons but explains that nothing matches up to your own salon, your own business.

Buying a home together and settling in Buderim with her husband of six years was the first step to Jessica’s own business. She told me “when your husband is a builder, and your house has the space…what can I say? He built me my dream salon, separate from our main house, my own slice of heaven”

Jessica continued “This has been a dream of mine to have my own salon for over 10 years now. Although finding the right house and planning it all out in my head was very frustrating, we did it.   
A lot of sweat and tears went into it, but we got there in the end. Adam did such an amazing job and I’m so proud of what he gave me.”

How would you describe your salon?

 Jessica explained that it was a team effort. While her husband was the builder, Jessica was the designer. All of her years of experience came into play and she knew exactly what was needed.

The salon had to have that certain something, a wow factor so that clients knew they were somewhere special, somewhere with a real personal touch. Jessica said “we certainly achieved that. It is relaxing, tranquil, beautiful, clean and welcoming.”

Jessica also revealed that her salon is not a 9-5 run of the mill salon. Jessica explained that she offers after hours appointments for those busy lifestyles.” It was easy to see while interviewing Jessica that she understood the needs of her clientele.

How does it feel working for yourself?

“Having my business is so much different” Jessica explained. She went on “it’s a lot more challenging and with increased pressure. Extra pressure is very worth it though when you see happy clientele. It sounds very cliché, but my job is rewarding. If I can make just one person smile when they leave this salon, I have done something right!”

“I’m my own boss so I don’t have to answer to anyone else but myself” Jessica said. She explained that she also has more flexibility, which means more freedom and a healthier life. This was a definite plus side according to her. Her own business has been a dream come true for her. This is clearly visible in the way she speaks about the job; the way she speaks about her clientele and the way she tells you of the effects on her life.

 How did Covid affect you?

When Covid hit the world felt the aftershocks. For Jessica it was no different. Jessica explains “Covid. That was a big blow to the heart. So, I had just left my other job to work on my business full time.” For many small business owners, it was the unknown that was scary. No one knew what would happen and how it would progress.

“I was doing 2 jobs for over 1 year, so I could build up the business” Jessica explained. “Then Covid. We were going through bills, cutting down costs wherever we could. Looking at what were necessary expenses and what could go.”

Jessica was shut down for seven weeks. Those weeks felt like the longest weeks she had ever known. But Jessica managed to look towards the positives and plan for her reopening. “Moving forward after Covid”, she said, “I have been super busy.” Jessica has been using the power of social media and putting her business out there for the community to see.

What are your strengths?

This question brought an instant smile to Jessica`s face and the answer came quickly.  “My strengths are that I can talk to people, I’m approachable, friendly and I like to educate clients about the skin and body.” she said.  She also explained the other side of the question. “My weakness” she said, “are that I get emotional very quickly and I am a perfectionist which can get me stressed out easily.”

Hopes and dreams

Jessica loves her role as a beauty therapist and part of the Sunshine Coast community. This is evident in not only the chat that we had but her body language too. She is a woman who is relaxed in her role. She is a woman who loves what she does. She is a woman who loves to make her clients smile and send them on their way with a spring in their step, feeling better about themselves. When I asked Jessica how she feels she said, “It just feels awesome to finally have my dreams come true, no more stress (well a lot less stress) and now I can enjoy life more.” She concluded “I now feel amazing that I finally took the plunge and made my own story.”