Valla Beach

Let me take you with me on my journey to Valla Beach. I am Joanne, the creative force behind, where words come to life.

Nestled to the north of Nambucca Heads, Valla Beach beckons with its serene coastal charm. This quaint seaside enclave has captured the hearts of many, boasting a thriving tourism scene anchored by its inviting caravan parks, picturesque camping spots, and the renowned Valla Beach Tourist Park.

A highlight of Valla Beach’s calendar is its vibrant market days, held on the first Sunday of February, April, June, August, October, and December. These bustling markets offer a delightful array of local treasures, from artisan crafts to fresh produce, drawing visitors and locals alike to indulge in the community spirit.

Accessing Valla Beach is a breeze via the scenic Giinagay Way, a tranquil route that winds its way through lush landscapes. Just a short 10-kilometre journey north from Nambucca Heads, this coastal gem awaits, promising a rejuvenating escape amidst nature’s embrace.

Where is Valla Beach?

Embark on a picturesque journey from the radiant Sunshine Coast of Queensland to the serene shores of Valla Beach, a tranquil oasis awaiting your arrival. Traverse a scenic 434-kilometre route along the majestic Bruce Highway, winding through verdant landscapes and captivating vistas. As you venture southward, immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the New South Wales coastline, where Valla Beach awaits, promising an idyllic retreat from the bustle of everyday life.


As we embarked on our journey to Valla Beach, we encountered a melange of weather conditions, from gusty winds to refreshing showers, and even radiant sunshine. Looking ahead to the week, the forecast promised a delightful range of temperatures, hovering between a comfortable 23 to 29 degrees during the day, while dipping to a pleasant 18 degrees at night. April, marking the second month of autumn, sets the stage with temperatures perfectly aligned with our expectations.

Why am I at Valla?

As the inaugural journey of 2024 unfolded, I found myself looking forward to it.  My dad expressed a desire to revisit the boardwalk at Urunga, reminiscing about our last visit in 2022 when it was marred by damage and partial closures. Hoping for a more favourable outcome this time around, we set off with crossed fingers. Alongside Urunga, there were myriad other destinations on our radar, though the prospect of visiting them all remained uncertain.

Day 1:

On the inaugural day of our adventure, we embarked on our journey promptly at 8:30 am, bracing ourselves for the 434-kilometre trek that lay ahead. Anticipating the bustling traffic typical of Easter Monday, we were not surprised to encounter a few delays along the way. Nonetheless, undeterred by the congestion, we made a pit stop for breakfast before forging ahead. Upon reaching our rental destination, the realization dawned upon us that provisions were in order. A swift excursion to Nambucca Heads resolved this need, ensuring we were comfortably settled in for the night

Day 2:

This morning, our main dilemma revolved around the timeless question: toast or café? Yet, when indulging in holiday bliss, the allure of a quaint café triumphs without fail. Treating ourselves to a sumptuous big brekkie roll paired with a steaming cup of coffee set the tone for a perfect start to the day.

Today, we opted for a leisurely pace, allowing ourselves to recuperate after yesterday’s extensive drive. Exploring the charming vicinity of our rental, we sought out the most picturesque spots to sink our toes into the sand. As the day gently unfolded, we had a lovely dinner at Valla Beach Tavern, bringing a delightful close to our evening.


Photography by Barry Beckham.


Day 3:

Today started with dad attempting a dawn photographic shoot at Valla Beach. When he arrived and dawn broke, the skies were clear blue, leaving nothing of definition to photograph. So back to the holiday rental he came and dived back into bed. A late breakfast at Nourish café made our morning.

Following breakfast, it was off for a drive to Urunga, home of the famous boardwalk. The Urunga boardwalk stands as a well-known destination for visitors. It starts at the picturesque Urunga lagoon, affectionately dubbed the ‘lido’, and spans 1.2 kilometres along the river, culminating at the breathtaking coastline. Along the journey, you will see a diverse array of wildlife, from scuttling crabs to graceful pelicans, and a myriad of bird species. Keep your eyes peeled, as occasionally even kangaroos pop up to greet passersby. The boardwalk grants easy accessibility and numerous captivating vantage points.

We decided not to walk it today. It was a warm day and quite busy with it being the Easter holidays. So, I did what any good daughter would do.  I drove dad back to the holiday rental after he’d had a couple of ales. With a relaxing afternoon and a light meal of leftovers tonight, it proved to be just right. We did duck out this evening to Valla beach to check out the sunset potential. There was no potential!!

Day 4:

With the forecast painting a dreary picture, we found ourselves at a crossroads, pondering our options for the day. After fuelling up with a comforting cup of coffee and a hearty helping of toast, we resolved to embark on a journey along Waterfall Way. Despite its enticing 200-kilometre round trip, we opted for a shorter 60-kilometre loop, venturing through Bellingham and onwards to Dorrigo.

As we traversed the route, glimpsing some of the cascading waterfalls along the way, we found ourselves looking for scenic viewpoints and stopping spots, only to be met with disappointment. The encroaching weather further veiling the landscape in mist and drizzle, rendering the journey less picturesque than anticipated. Reluctantly, we decided to retreat to our holiday rental, but not before indulging in a pit stop at Valla Beach Tavern to savour their ribs, which received a unanimous seal of approval from our party.

As the afternoon progressed and the weather continued to deteriorate, our options dwindled to a singular course of action: returning to the cozy confines of our rental. There, we whiled away the hours listening to podcasts and attending to neglected emails, finding solace in the warmth of indoor pursuits amidst the inclement weather outside.

Day 5:

With the weather forecast indicating continuous rainfall throughout the day, we found ourselves grappling with what to do. Ultimately, we made the unanimous decision to depart for home a day earlier than planned. After all, what better refuge could one find than the comfort of their own home amidst inclement weather? Setting off from our holiday rental at 8:30 AM, rain was already falling.

Navigating the M1 proved to be quite eventful. We encountered numerous ‘nose to tail’ accidents, clear indicators of drivers failing to maintain a safe distance. Among the chaos, a jackknifed garbage truck blocked a section of the highway, reportedly entangled in a collision with several vehicles. Traversing through traffic near North Lakes, we learned of a multi-vehicle pile-up involving five cars and a motorbike, a stark reminder of the perils of driving in adverse weather conditions.

Throughout our journey, we bore witness to a myriad of reckless driving behaviours. From vehicles tailgating one another to erratic lane changes by utility vehicles. It was a sobering experience, serving as a testament to the importance of caution and prudence when behind the wheel, especially amidst challenging weather circumstances. Almost 8 ½ hours later we arrived home.

Would I go back to Valla Beach?

I most certainly would. To return to Valla Beach is like nostalgia, drawing one back to its serene shores. Its allure lies not just in the sun-kissed sands or the rhythmic waves but in the profound sense of connection it fosters with nature and self.

At Valla Beach, time slows down, allowing the holidaymaker to exhale deeply and find solace in everything around them. Here, amidst the untouched beauty of coastal flora and fauna, one finds a sanctuary for contemplation and rejuvenation.

The memories woven into the fabric of Valla Beach are a tapestry of joy and tranquility. Each grain of sand holds stories of laughter shared with loved ones, of quiet introspection during solitary strolls along the shoreline, and of the profound sense of belonging that permeates the salty air.

Yet, perhaps the most compelling reason to return to Valla Beach lies in its ability to evoke a profound sense of belonging. Whether it’s the warm smile of a local fisherman or the shared sunset witnessed by strangers turned friends, Valla Beach has a way of making one feel not like a visitor, but a cherished part of its tapestry. In essence, to return to Valla Beach is to embark on a journey of rediscovery—a pilgrimage to a place where time stands still, and the soul finds its home amidst the ebb and flow of the tide.