A poem by Mum: Barry

When I was just fifteen, I met this incredible teen.

He started by just being a friend, but stayed with me until the end. 

I fell in love with him right from the start and he was always in my heart.

He is the most caring person I have known who looked after me as I have grown. 

My parents thought he was the best. There were no questions, there was no test. 

We brought our children into this world and on our bed they always curled. 

He makes the best father to our son and daughter too. 

He was always hard working, seeing us through. 

We used to go on holidays, camping was the way to go.

We would share the job of putting up the tent, then sit down and watch a tv show. 

There is nothing about him that I would ever change. 

He stole my heart, he’s always in my range. 

I never thought that I was marrying a famous surname. 

Barry was never interested in football as a game. 

Photography became Barrys art as he always had a good eye. 

Seascapes, landscapes, still life too. Tutorials , he gave them a try. 

He lectured in most camera clubs. His audience thought he was great. 

He made his lectures easy to follow and also made lots of great mates.