Nambucca Heads


500km. A little over 5 hours and the first trip since November 2021. We were heading away and boy, were we ready for it. We were heading over the border, into enemy territory (if you are a Queensland supporter like me!). We were off to Nambucca Heads, New South Wales.

Nambucca is somewhere that Dad had visited before with Mum in their caravan, and in another accommodation. We chose to stay at Marcel Tower, a two bedroom, one bathroom apartment that looked out onto the river and also the ocean.

The journey had been a pretty straight one. Hit the M1 and well, stay on it. The traffic for a Monday morning was beautiful. We anticipated heaps of traffic between the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, with the early morning commute, but no. We sailed through, and before we knew it we were over the Gateway Motorway and motoring towards the Gold Coast.

Music playing, a breakfast stop, and before we knew it we were over the border into NSW and pulling into Nambucca Heads. Unpacking, a stroll to the V wall Pavilion and dinner….the day was done.

Check out the V Wall Menu
Check out the V Wall Menu

I do recommend the Stuffed Field Mushrooms and Cheese Bread from the Entree menu. I definitely didn’t intend to share it!! The steaks and burgers were also tasty!  Highly recommend all food and I know that Dad recommends the pale ale! 

We started the week with a potential sunrise photography session for Dad. Shelly Beach was the location. 0530am was the alarm call. We headed round there and took a few shots but a huge bank of cloud hid the sun from sight.  The sun wasn’t visible until it was high in the sky and that was not the effect that we were hoping for. But when the suns up, it was time for breakfast. Bacon and eggs. Keeping it simple.

Sunrise at Shelly Beach

Dad needed a sleep catch up so I caught up on a few things including starting a new NetGalley book.

We went out for a walk in the afternoon , along the V wall and clocked up just under 5km.  We stopped for a drink (as you do) at the pub as we walked back. After all, it would be rude not to…..right? The evening was spent having a drive to Macksville and back to the pavilion for dinner

Halfway through our week saw the sun shining and a moderate 22 degrees. Anyone living in Australia, knows that when you’re used to 30 degrees plus through the Summer months, 22 feels like you’ve hit the ice age! The temperature seemed to be stuck at that, so out came the longer trousers and the long sleeves. We started the day by testing the local wharf café for Brekky and coffee and then drove to Valla Beach. After that, onto Urunga to stroll the boardwalk out to the beach. 

Urungun Boardwalk


The boardwalk is a pleasant walk out towards the beach and ocean. Part of it was closed off. Recent floods had ‘lifted’ the boardwalk in one section making it impassable. 

The walk itself is extremely pleasant and one of about 2.3km. Not overly strenuous. 

Thursday was something I’d been waiting for. Dad had been talking about South West Rocks. It was somewhere that he’d driven through with mum, but never stayed there. Off we went. It’s about 45 minutes further south of Nambucca, but we were in no rush, so off we went. We drove via Scott’s Head. 

South West Rocks did not disappoint. A quaint town and somewhere that you just feel at home in!

South West Rocks


Everywhere we walked, there was so much scenery to admire. We walked Beilbys Beach, Valls Beach and Shelly Beach. We went to Urunga and Macksville. We visited South West Rock and the little townships along the way. 

The weather had its good and bad days while we were away. Lots of rain but occasionally, we were able to grab a sunny day!

Like all good thing, it had to come to an end. On Sunday , we packed the car and began the drive home to the Sunshine Coast. 

So, here is a few take home points from this trip.

Would I go back? Yes. Nambucca Heads is a beautiful area. Lots of stunning scenery and within a reasonable distance from home.

Would I stay at Marcel Towers again? No. A few reasons. (1) The TV didn’t work when we wanted to watch a movie one night. (2) Its advertised as “free wifi” but it drops in/out so often that we ended up using our mobile phones as hotspots for the week.(3) When you are paying for your stay, (maybe its just me) but I begrudge having to put my rubbish out. I appreciate that might sound like I am being picky, but when I am on holiday, I don’t want to have to do the household chores!

Local map of Nambucca Heads. Marcel Towers and V Wall can be seen on this map