Kalbar Sunflower trip

Everyone has a bucket list of things they’d love to do. Well, most do.  Over the years I have ticked some things off mine. I have walked the Sydney Harbour Bridge and toured the Opera House. I  have visited Uluru. Of course, I have done the traditional things too, like hugging a koala!

But something that was a big thing on my list was very personal to me. 

45 minutes from where Dad and I were staying, you would find Kalbar Sunflowers. 

I knew that walking in a sunflower field was one of those things that I always wanted to do. My late husband would buy them for me each week when we went shopping. We loved them and the sunflower fields….we just never made it before he passed away. 

So, I hopped on the Internet and starting digging around looking for all the information I could get.  When they bloom, where they bloom, how long they bloom and well, anything else I could find. 

I stumbled on to Kalbar Sunflowers on instagram where I got talking to the proprietor Jenny Jenner. Yesterday, I met her!

The farm is out at Kalbar. Yesterday, I strolled in the gate and chatted with Jenny. Jenny told me that the farm was born from a simple moment. Her husband bringing her sunflowers from the grocery store! My own love of sunflowers had grown the same way. 

Coupled with the drought that the area had been experiencing in 2021, the sunflowers were the perfect way forward for the farm. Jenny and her husband Russell worked hard and brought the sunflower fields to fruition!

The farm is set up beautifully for the sunflowers. The field can be seen from the road and instantly grabs your attention.  Your ticket price gifts you 4 hours to stroll around the flowers. There are approximately 80,000 sunflowers greeting you from the field. While you are here, you can pick your own and pay for them on exit. Secateurs are available for hire, but it is recommended that you bring your own. Bring a bucket too, to store your collection. 

While you are there, there are food caravans offering up a bit of everything. Burgers, sausage in bread, coffee, ice cream, juices and more. There is of course, a sunflower shop. Any decent sunflower lover has to go home with a souvenir. (In answer to the question you are wanting the answer to, the answers yes. Earrings , socks and a candle!)

If you think all sunflowers are alike, think again! While wandering I saw varying sizes, stems with multiple heads and stems with singular flowers. Flowers that were still on. the cusp of growing and sunflowers that were so tall, they were over the heads fo the tallest men.  I took many, many photos during my walks around the field. 

Would I go back again? Yes. 

Would I like to be there at a different time?  Maybe Sunset…..

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