Brisbane Bronco Memories

We used to look at the couple in front.

Holding hands in their 70s.

Broncos cool bag with their  drinks. 

Cushions on their seats, settled in.

Sharing a scarf, between them both. 

Wrapped around them, keeping warm.

Still holding hands, the whole game through.

Feel the love between these two.

That will be us , we used to say.

In our 70s, watching the game.

That will be us, we will be them.

But then life changed, “we”  were never again.

Now I watch from home, a member still. 

Support my club, I always will.

It’s not the same, being there without you. 

I don’t like it without you, I never do.

2013: We won tickets to the Broncos 25th Anniversary Ball.