Tribute to Mum

How can I introduce my mum to you all? Some of you reading this will know her well and some of you won’t. But if I were to describe her to you, I would say loving, kind, generous , funny and always there for me. 

Mum was born in Rochdale , Lancashire on 17 December 1950, to Jim and Irene Phillips. She was a little sister to Janet and she was also a twin to David, who unfortunately never survived his birth. 

This section will gift you three poems written by Mum herself that I found on her iPad. One about Dad, one about Lee and one about me.  There is also one that I wrote on Mums last night with us- Feb 24th 2021

I could sit here and tell you a heap of stories about her life and childhood, but last year, I interviewed my mum for my new writing career. Its better that the stories and words come from her. Check out the interview in this section.