She was 15 when they met. He was aged sixteen.

At seventeen he said to her, now will you marry me?

Do not tell your mum he said? But little did he know.

She told her mum everything and straight home she did go. 

Guess what Barry did tonight? Carol said to her mum. 

Got no idea said Irene, get Dad and tell us both. 

Carol spilt the beans that night and she told them true. 

That Barry had said to her I want to marry you!

That was in the mid sixties, now roll on a few years. 

Now in 1970, the wedding time is here. 

March 28 it was decided that was to be the day. 

Celebrated with all their friends, the Beatles songs they played. 

Mid 71 oh what a surprise. They hadn’t even tried

Found themselves expecting. Pill works? No, It lied!!

Roll onto December and on to Christmas Day

A girl was soon delivered, seven pounds she did weigh.

Life it carried on moving, forward now with ease. 

Til 1977 when expecting, they had Lee. 

One of each now, girl and boy,  it was time to stop. 

Didn’t want any more to catch them on the hop. 

Family of four,with their two kids,  the Beckhams found they were. 

Mum, Dad, daughter, son and a few odd balls of fur.

Cats came and went in the life of this family house. 

Probably scared Carol and occasionally brought in a mouse. 

Friends from their childhood stayed in touch always meeting up.

Meals in their houses, sharing laughs, drinking wine all up!

Talking about the lives they’d made. Lots there was to tell. 

Memories don’t fade. Sharing their life. Stories there to dwell. 

Few years down the line again, everyone married for fifty odd years. 

Can you believe that? All this time. Been through love and loss and tears. 

But throughout the whole time we can say  one thing in your reign

You have set a high standard for us all to maintain.