Australia Zoo

I say “Australia Zoo” and you would probably say “Steve Irwin”. Of course, that name is synonymous with the zoo and along with his parents before him, he was a driving force in its management and development. 

Roll forward now 15 years and Steve Irwin is no longer with us, following his tragic accident and passing. But the Irwin family name stands high and mighty, as they continue to work for, raise funds for and promote everything that he stood for. 

Australia Zoo is on Steve Irwin Way, approximately an hour out of Brisbane’s north. Follow the Bruce highway  and, well, you literally can’t miss it! 

From where I live here in Buderim, it is a short 22 minute drive. One junction on the M1 and straight onto Steve Irwin Way. 

The parking at the zoo is easy to find, you can see the car park from the road. There is an overspill car park too which does get used, especially during peak times like Christmas and Summer holidays.

Once parked up, pathways direct you straight to the zoo gate! What more do you need!

Ticket Prices are: $59 per adult and $35 per child. Students and pensioners can sneak in at $47. There are yearly tickets available too as well as tickets that also give you a sneak peek in the wildlife hospital.  

From the moment you enter Australia Zoo, you’re encapsulated in the animal world. It is all about the animals and that is exactly how it should be. You will see zoo staff wandering with a bird to show you. Go round the corner and zoo staff have something else to show you. Its all about the education of the world as to who these animals are and what we can do to protect them.

There are many animal encounters that can be worked into a day at Australia Zoo. Australia Zoo Animal Encounters   While you may look at the prices of some of these and have to sit down to stop from fainting, it should be remembered that everything that the zoo raises, goes back into the zoo and conservation. 

Some might argue with me, but I do not think this zoo is “commercialised”. My reasons….

  • The zoo owns conservation areas in Queensland to support the protection of wildlife. 
  •  A yearly expedition goes to far North Queensland to track crocs.
  • Other supporting things the zoo does – every cent goes back into the zoo and conservation. 

Each day the zoo runs a show in the Crocoseum. Of course the highlight being the croc feeding (I wish I could have a go at that!!!)

From a personal point of view, Ive seen the show many times when I have taken family visiting from overseas. I still want to feed the crocs though. 

Another part of the zoo that is a particular favourite of mine (apart from crocs – did I say that yet!?!?) are the snakes. Now, while I would love to get up close and personal with crocs, I am extremely glad of a piece of glass between me and these fellas. Seems no rationale in that statement I know, but hey, that’s all I can say!

I have a yearly pass for the zoo which finishes next August. I have been three times since August. When you live local as I do, it is nice to be able to go in for 2-3 hours and have a wander, see the bits you fancy and then go. 

On the last visit, I did notice a lot of work going on around the zoo which meant some animals were not where they used to be. This left a few barriers here and there with signs saying “work in progress” – not a problem but there are some bits of the zoo that I miss. 

Let me mention the food court. Australia Zoo has an extensive food court that overlooks some of the animal enclosures, allowing you a sky-high view while you eat.  Australia Zoo also has several shops giving you the opportunity to purchase anything from photographs, canvases, calendars , clothing , toys, baby wear…you name it, its there!

While Steve Irwin name is the one that most identify with the zoo,  it is great to see Robert Irwin taking up the mantle. From what I have seen on TV shows, he is definitely a chip off the old block. 

On one of my first ever visits to the zoo, I saw Steve in action. 

Thank you Australia Zoo for all that you do for conservation. Thank you for the education that you give surrounding your animals. Thank you Robert for your photography as I am the proud owner of one of your canvases!