Anthony Snape

Rick Price calls him “a master vocalist. Technically brilliant and deeply soulful”.

Tommy Emmanuel is quoted as saying “Anthony’s songs, his voice and message are all so powerful, I love his work.”

He has played international festivals. His music has contributed to films and television. He has played with artists such as Hugh Jackman, Marcia Hines, Human Nature, John Williamson and more.

  He is an independent music artist. A writer on the number one album “Accomplice One” by Tommy Emmanuel and an all round nice guy.

Thank you for your time, Anthony.

Who is Anthony Snape?

I was born in a small rural town called Gunnedah in New South Wales. I grew up on properties where I could experience fresh fruit from the trees, bushwalking, camping and good old fashioned hard work. It was all part of life.  

What instruments do you play?

I am a pro vocalist. I play guitar/bass. I write on and dabble in everything else, piano, sax, various stringed instruments. A toy guitar was my first instrument after voice, then I went to piano lessons. It was here that the teacher promptly told my mother that (after a few lessons) it was obvious I wasn’t keen on learning seriously because I would play it all by ear. 

 How old were you when you picked up your first instrument?

I was somewhere between the age of 3-4 years.

Who were your musical influences growing up and why?

Everything on the radio throughout the 80’s played a part in my musical memory.  I remember having a conversation with my mother just after a radio announcer had just mentioned “The King” on the radio. I asked my mother, why they called the musician the king and she said that it was because people liked his music, and it was on the radio. I remember telling my mother with utmost certainty that “I’ll be on radio one day too mum”.

And you made it to the radio….

I remember that day… It was when I was 22-3ish and my first song was being played on Australian radio. I remember turning on my favourite station from my teen years and hearing my song. It was an incredible moment.

You have played with many iconic Australian artists. Do you have a favourite & why?

Wendy Matthews was kind, and her band was super talented. I love Rick Price. He is an incredible musician and we have written and worked together a bunch. Paul Kelly and his crew are awesome. Paul had this guy they called ‘the matrix’ who did a quick string change for me during a show in the Hunter Valley. Fastest string change I have ever seen!

Tommy, aside from his unquestionable songwriting and guitar skills, is an incredible human being. He has opened countless doors for me in the industry and even helped me move house at one point.

How did you meet Tommy?

We met after I sent my first album “Disappearing Day” to his manager in Nashville TN. He heard the album and invited me to tour the USA in 2008.

Can you share how you work, your creative processes and thoughts when writing music?

My creative process is this. Firstly, understand that music is everywhere. It’s part of the fabric that makes everything what it is. If you pay attention to it, you can hear it, everywhere. Melodies, feelings, stories. Then once you understand that, open up your heart and mind and let it flow through you. Catch some of the songs as you go.

What is your favourite aspect of performing?

The physical feeling of singing is amazing, that and the connection with individuals in an audience.

What’s life like for you away from music?

I can sum that up in one word. Family.

Music is my life, my passion. I love writing music and I have a special patron club for fans where they can hear the new songs, I create every week.

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Instagram: @snapelive