What is a woman?

Matt Walsh is the host of ‘The Matt Walsh Show’ and part of The Daily Wire team. The Daily Wire is a right wing news program that can be found online. They offer up daily podcasts, articles and more recently, movies and documentaries. The editor, Ben Shapiro, would describe it as “news first, opinion second”

Matt Walsh took on a task. That task was getting the answer to a simple question. He left the comfort of his Daily Wire office and sought out the answer to this:  “What is a woman?” Most of us would simply answer ‘a woman is an adult human female’ but as you can expect, it was not that easy for him.

With the never ending questions and controversy surrounding gender and pronouns, and while he openly states that he has no problem with someone’s belief system, he went out to quite simply locate the truth. The book, and Its attached documentary, raise many important points around the subject of transgenderism. Matt Walsh has been criticised for a ‘lack of compassion’ in the subject, claiming that it is leading people to foster anti-trans views, but Matt Walsh is right with this book. To search for truth, compassion needs to be put aside to find the answers.


In his search for the truth, Matt visited scholars, professors, doctors, senators, psychologists and more, and asked the simple question “what is a woman?”

He visited experts in the transgender field as well as general medical experts. He met with the general public on the street in a variety of cities across America. He attended a Woman’s March to talk to those there too.

This is a man that took it one step further and went to a tribe in Africa to examine how culture, and in particular what being a man and a woman meant to them. .

Matt explained to everyone he visited, why he was there and what he was looking for. Unfortunately, he didn’t get what he wanted. There were lots of waffling answers. Lots of redirection in conversation from those he questioned and lots of just simply ignoring what he asked. What he did find on his travels, was that those professionals whom we charge with the protection of their children, Drs, teachers etc, were pushing social agendas towards transgenderism. These ‘professionals’ were directing children towards transgender thinking. by questioning the process of biology itself. Matt reveals how on his travels, he found out how activists are pushing the agenda towards children in schools. When questioning it, at such a school, he was given 60 seconds to make his case. He made his case in less than that!

The book looks at biological foundation of life and how we’ve moved towards transgender. It examines how popular celebrities have been “cancelled” for exposing their honest views. The book talks of how a man cannot physically become a woman, but merely an image or impression of one. After all, a man cannot give birth. The book examines how medications are given to children, the same meds used in chemical castration. This book looks at the desensitising of the world, in the way that we advertise “you can be what you want to be”, without addressing who the person actually is underneath. 

The book addresses how toddlers are being dehumanised by parents who, because their daughter plays with trucks and boys toys, now say that she is telling them, she wants to be a boy. It also looks at the frightening ways that social media influence teenagers into believing that by having irreversible puberty blockers and surgery, their life will change. Perhaps the most telling of all, was an interview with Scott Nugent. A female who transitioned to a man later in age. Scott shared all of her journey, some good, some not quite so good

This book is a great read, incredibly informative and despite what many critics say (the critics are usually from the left) it is not one sided. It does not promote anti-trans views. Matt has said himself that his own beliefs are ‘men are men and women are women’ – it’s down to simple biology but while he respects that other people have their belief system, he doesn’t necessarily agree with them. 

The documentary attached to this movie has been called a ‘mockumentary’ – after all, Matt Walsh is known through his Daily Wire shows for his dry wit and humour.

The documentary and the book were eye opening. Yes, there were funny parts. There were times when it was hard to believe that it was a medical professional addressing Matt Walsh, due to the absurdity of the conversation. But on a deeper level, it was scary. The documentary showed the truth of the world, and how children are being exposed in it. 

Matt Walsh searched for truth, and found a lot to debate along the way. 

Extremely worthy of a five star rating. 

Highly recommend this book. Matt Walsh has a way with his words that draws you in, and enables you to understand each side of a debate. Loved it.