Dr Strange

& the Multiverse of Madness


While the title of this movie quite clearly depicts that it is a Stephen Strange movie, you would be forgiven for walking out thinking it was a Scarlett Witch extravaganza. The movie however, is quite literally, madness, but in that perfect Marvel way. So try and keep up.

In the movie, America Chavez and Stephen Strange are still chased by a demon in the space between universes, while searching for the Book of Vishanti. That version of Dr Strange is killed and Chavez accidentally creates a portal that transports herself and Strange’s corpse to Earth-616. Chavez explains to the Dr Strange of Earth-616, that the beings are hunting her because she has the power to travel through the multiverse.

Realising he needs the assistance of powerful magic, Strange heads out to consult Wanda Maximoff and ask for help. He quickly realises the attacks on America Chavez are the responsibility of Wanda, who we know as the Scarlett Witch. Wanda/Scarlett Witch wants to go to a universe where she can be with her sons and knows that America Chavez has the power to able that. An attack at Kamar-Taj, a new version of earth, and Wanda Maximoff dream walking from Mount Wundagore, are just the start.

The movie is typical of Marvel. Straight into action from the moment it hits the screen. The main leads of the movie, Benedict Cumberbatch and Elizabeth Olsen do not fail to disappoint. Usually when we see Dr Strange, he has a little arrogance about him. This time, that arrogance became protector. He realised he had a role to fulfil in protecting America Chavez and Benedict did just that. 

Of course the worlds worst secrets in this movie, were the castings and appearances of Patrick Stewart as Professor X. john Krasinski as Reed Richards as well as the other members of the Illuminati. They may have had short roles but the crossover with X-Men and The Fantastic Four worked well.

My high praise though remains for Elizabeth Olsen. While many see the Scarlett Witch as the enemy, ask yourself this. Is that actually what she is? Or is she merely a grief stricken woman who can’t understand her children were magical entities that she herself created. After all, when reminded that she made her children from magic, her response is “isn’t that what every mother does?”

Elizabeth Olsens performance is nothing short of spectacular. Coming straight from filming Wandavision, she stepped into the Multiverse, and brought a level of credibility to her role. Of course, most actors have that, but Elizabeth seems to have that extra something with her work.

Elizabeth demonstrated grief at losing her spouse. She showed the filmgoers a passion, a yearning, to get to her children. Elizabeths acting skills made each filmgoer believe that her children are real, despite the fact that they are ‘made by magic’. She showed us a determination to stop at nothing to reunite with her children in one of the universes. The scariest part of all, was that we saw she has no morality and will kill to get what she wants.

To pull all those emotions into a 2 hour  movie is nothing short of special. I have watched Elizabeth Olsens work for some years and she brings the same passion and determination to all of her roles. Marvel is no different. She has gone from a villain orchestrated by Hydra, through to becoming one of the Avengers through to a grief stricken widow who captured thousands in her own created world in Wandavision.

While she was Wanda Maximoff in every one of those roles, her character went through considerable change. A character in a backstory who is now female lead in the Multiverse.


Am I Team Strange or Team Wanda?

I’m Team Wanda every time. I love the character and Elizabeth Olsens portrayal of it.