BurnBella Designs

It has always been said in my family, that I take after my Nan. I deviate towards jewelry. It doesn’t have to be sparkly. It doesn’t have to be anything special. Just jewelry.  So, when I saw a company online that did things just a little differently, I had to investigate. Give me credit, my investigations started with a pair of VW Kombi van earrings but moved on from there. I am talking about BurnBella Designs. Not just any jewelry but jewelry with a twist!

I interviewed BurnBella, not by sitting in front of them as a normal interview would go, but by emailing my questions and compiling my article from responses. Thanks to Covid19 and the way the world is moving right now, adaptations had to be made. I thank BurnBella for their interview under Covid measures.

Who are Burnbella designs?

BurnBella Designs was started in order to fill a need. That need was to have accessories to match every outfit. Tastes differ for everyone. We wanted to be that ‘something quirky’ that filled that gap.

We are an Australian small business that are committed to providing unique and fun accessories. We ensure that we are contributing to a sustainable and ethical community, that will survive into the future. Our earrings are handmade with material sourced locally. We aim to ensure our small business supports our local community. 

BurnBellas collections are listed on their website and range from ‘ghastly but gorgeous Halloween’ to brooches. From whimsical to handbags. It most certainly is jewellery with a difference.

Who does the team comprise of?

Our team primarily consists of Kat who sources, designs and creates our quirky collections, and Adam who does what Kat asks him to. Kat will tell you that training in this respect is continuous, but he works hard!!

Where did the name Burnbella come from? 

Funny story, it is half of each of our surnames combined. Kat wanted to call the business the “Whimsical Walrus” but Adam wasn’t buying that! 

How did the company start? 

BurnBella originally started due to Kat. Her quirky outfits needed earrings and we created them. From those earrings grew interest and as they say, the rest is history.

What makes you different from other jewellery sellers? 

Our designs are just that little different from the average person. We are very unique in our style. We stray off the beaten path and develop accessories not found anywhere else.  

Where do you get your ideas? 

Our ideas come from our own unconventional tastes but also from our amazing customers. We have received numerous requests to create all sorts of kitsch creations from customers around the globe.  You name it, we probably have received it!!

What are your long-term goals? 

Our long-term goals are to grow and expand our business to move from an online store to a brick and mortar store.  Online is working well for us right now with the increase in online shopping due to Covid but there is nothing better than being able to talk to a customer face to face. Being able to meet them and get a feel for their wants and needs is the best feeling.

What are your short-term goals?  

Our short-term goals include decorating the world, it is that simple. If we can inject just a little laughter and happiness to one person with our fun and quirky creations, we have done our job

How do you do your selling? Mail order, markets, shop?? 

While Covid19 has proved to be a stumbling block this year, in an ideal world we would travel to retro/rockabilly/pinup events and festivals, with markets coming in the future. At the moment though, online is our primary way to sell.

What sort of materials do you use?

Acrylic and wood are choice materials but we are happy to dabble with all sorts if the need is there.

Where do you see the company in 5 years’ time? 

In 5 years’, time we want to be a strong competitor in the realms of accessories internationally.  

BurnBella has that something that other jewellery companies don’t always have. It has the ability to look at itself and put itself front and centre warts and all. On the website, you will find a “samples and seconds “collection. Other jewellery companies rarely do this.


BurnBella takes the unique, wacky and sometimes weird and makes it normal. Where else would you find Lego heads, floppy disks, broccoli, flowers and avocados together that you can wear as earrings? It does something that other companies do not always do…..it does fun!