Song for dad

Birthdays are a strange thing as you get older. Do you get presents for people? Do you not? Do you buy just for the sake of it? It can get silly sometimes. 
Let me set the scene for you.
My gorgeous Dad was 70 last August. There is nothing that this man needs. He is in a position that if he wants something he goes and gets it! So, I was up for a challenge for his 70th. Had to be something unique that no one would ever think of.  
I came up with re-writing the lyrics to a favourite song of his. A friend kindly recorded it for me. 

The camera is calling.
The camera is calling. 
It’s time to take pictures.
Confident image right in-front of you.
Oh Barry Beckham.
Slight manipulation would do.
The shutter is working.
Aperture, focus.
I press the shutter, there’s the image for me.
Oh Barry Beckham.
The image is stunning you’ll see.
Oh Barry Beckham.
The image is stunning you’ll see. 
Out for a sunrise.
Out for a sunset.
Out for whatever he wanted to see.
Too dark or too light now.
It all could go wrong.
It so easily could.
The camera is calling.
Back out for more pictures.
More images and more inspiration.
Oh Barry Beckham
They look so good.
Oh Barry  Beckham.
They look so good.  
Music by Mark Knopfler.
Lyrics by Joanne Hattersley.
Sung By Noella Brennan McCann.