“Bruce” Book Reviews


5.0 out of 5 stars

A lovely story of a young child longing for a friend to play with.

I loved this book, such a pleasure to read. I found it amusing, uplifting and sometimes emotional of a lonely boy who finally found so much happiness. The author has shown so much imagination and cleverly put the story together, not just for the audience of a children’s book, but ideal for all ages.

Awaiting for more to read from this author.


5 star

Absolutely Amazing. 

My kids devoured this book in one sitting. Such an amazing story and well written. I’m sure we will read it over and over at bedtime. 

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend!

Email Review:

Hello Joanne! I just read your story about Bruce and Nathan on my Kindle. Such a heartwarming story.
Anyway, I really enjoyed the story. You have a real talent for telling a great tale.

Email Review:

I liked your story and I am sure there is a lot of scope there to write more adventures for Bruce.

The story of a single child who wishes for a friend to play with. So much to love about this. I especially liked the mix of how the parents raised the boy and how he practices those principles with respect for his parents. He gets what he wants and they learn to see him as a responsible son. This loving family dynamic, combined with the heartwarming friendships of the boy and his new friend, mixed well and left me with a story that I will long remember. Kudos for the author’s first children’s book.