When you are an aspiring writer, poet, story-teller, you need to have inspiration. After all, what are you without it? Do you have a story? Do you have a poem? You need a starting point  from which the creativity can flow. 
What is inspiration
Inspiration is a feeling of enthusiasm. That enthusiasm helps an author to bring new and exciting ideas bubbling up to the surface.  That enthusiasm is the first step in your creativity.
How can a person be inspirational?
People can be inspirational.  If I am speaking from my own life, I would say my inspiration stems from my late  husband. He had an awful illness which ended his life much earlier than it should have done,yet he inspired me to follow dreams. While I was off work caring for him, we talked about things I loved and he encouraged me to take on a writing course. I had written poetry for years and had started to share them with family. He suggested I do a formal course and learn the craft. 
So I did. I took the course, completed the assignments and secured a distinction and two high distinctions. My Diploma in Professional Writing now in pride of place at home. Unfortunately he never saw the last result but he would have been pleased as punch with it. 
Following his belief in me and the inspiration he gave me, I started on a second course and have a poetry book being published.  I guess he was telling me something!!!
I asked my mum who her inspiration was. A tough question if you aren’t ready to give an answer but a few seconds passed and she gave me her answer. Her inspiration is me. My ability to sit, write and put words to paper in a logical way. My ability to write a poem on any subject. My ability to come up with a story idea. My mum is inspired by me. Thanks mum. That answer meant more to me than you will ever know. 
Where can you get inspiration?
I am often asked this question and for me the answer is easy. Lists. I write lists of words, phrases, colours, ideas, names….whatever is in my head and work from there.  I also get myself out in the world. It might be something as simple as going to my favourite place for breakfast with a notebook or laptop. 
It might be going for a drive with an iPad or notebook on the seat beside me. It might be words scribbled on that pad such as , river, trees, burnt trees, one track road, single track road, farmhouse, palms, anything! Thats where I get my inspiration. 
The other place I get it from is people. I have a ten year old young man that I know who is an amazing ideas magnet. I needed an idea for a children’s science fiction writing assignment. Who better to ask than a child? He was great.
Who inspires me? 
My late husband. Top of the heap every time. He dealt with everything that life threw at him without complaint. His first thoughts were always of others. He pushed me to achieve a dream and to know a book is coming authored by me…….he’d be over the moon.
My parents – again going through their own battles with serious illness but making time to work with me to get my life in order after losing my husband. Thats unconditional love.
My stepchildren – I cant say I know what they are going through. I have not lost a parent but the fact that they get up every day and keep going with life, no matter how they feel…….I’m in awe of that.
My brother – he inspires me as he knows what he wants and goes out to get it. We have shared some amazing quality time recently.