The Motorway Service Station

On the east coast of Australia, between Frazer Island and Hervey Bay,

Lies a motorway service station where whales come to play.

They’re on their migration pathway, from Antartica to somewhere warm.

Tropical northern waters, where breeding and new families form.

Between July and November, the whales are everywhere.

Resting and relaxing, while the whale watch boats come to stare.

The whales are very curious and come to see you too.

They know you like to see them, they will not disappoint you.

Relaxed in tranquil waters after the long trip they have had.

The waters very sheltered, of that we’re all very glad.

They breech above the water, they flip their tails up high.

We watch in awe and amazement, tails pointing at the sky.

I’ve heard they migrate in thousands, a sight I’m sure to see.

Go to this service station, watch those whales, so wild and free.