Madhatter wandering 2022

Have we started travelling in 2022?

Whichever part of the world that you are checking in from,  you will , no doubt, have seen the floods on the news in early 2022. 

The East Coast of Australia was hammered by a years worth of rain in the space of three days.

Of course, when the rain stops, its not as easy as ‘letting it drain away’ and you’re all okay. It impacts much more than that. 

Several roads in Queensland were impacted including the main Bruce Highway, which was flooded in several places. 

When you get a road flooded, then the knock-on effects begin. Food shortages as deliveries cannot get through. Staff shortages as they cannot get to work due to floods. You also, of course, have the issues of cleaning up a property after a flood. Saving any items you can and rebuilding. One other thing  that has happened due to factories flooding, delivery issues etc, is an Australia wide shortage of pool salt. We have been trying to source that for some time now…along with the rest of the country.

This weather reminded me of one thing – There is an old saying “Never argue with Mother Nature. She always wins”.

Taken on Stringybark Road


The rain came to visit us on the Sunshine Coast and came down hard and fast. The photo of Stringybark Road is local to the house. 

Several roads local to us here in Buderim were flooded. Some we anticipated might and some that were totally unexpected. 


The plan is that we will get away this year. Where we would like to go and where we are able to get, may be two different things for a while. But we will get away. Even if it is for a few days trips!  Nambucca Heads is on the list. Back to the Scenic Rim is another idea. I am sure we will think of more. 

Dad/Daughter Road Trips – Dad photographs it, I write about it  Perfect!