Brisbane ’24


Welcome to Brisbane, where vibrant city life meets the serene beauty of the Australian outdoors. Known as the “River City,” Brisbane boasts a stunning skyline reflected in the winding Brisbane River and supported by lush parks and golden sunshine. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, a culture enthusiast, or simply looking to relax and unwind, Brisbane offers a perfect blend of attractions, from bustling markets and world-class museums to picturesque river cruises and pristine beaches.

Get ready to explore a city that’s as dynamic and welcoming as its people. Your unforgettable Brisbane adventure starts now! Welcome to my adopted hometown!


Brisbane is located in the state of Queensland, on the east coast of Australia. Framed by the Gold Coast in the south and the Sunshine Coast in the north, its location is central to everything and allows for easy access to all local areas.   


June is the first month of winter in Australia and the temperatures are reflecting that. The warmth of the 30-degree plus temperatures that summer offers up are long gone and we sit in low 20-degree weather. The shorts are relegated to the back of the wardrobe as the long trousers take primary position!!

Who am I?

My name is Joanne Hattersley, and I am the owner and CEO of my own little website, I’ve been writing for my entire life and started this website in 2020.

Why did we decide on Brisbane?

In previous years, I lived closer to the city, just a short bus ride away. I love the city, the vibrancy and life that you can partake in. I enjoy just sitting with a glass of wine in a bar and people watching. My dad is the opposite in that he is not a city person, however this is a trip we had been discussing for some time.


I got onto and started searching for Brisbane accomodation. Within a few minutes I stumbled on an absolute stunner of an apartment.  Listed as “apartment with Story Bridge views’ it was love at first sight. When you book accomodation, you always wonder if the view in the photo is the view you will get. Spoiler alert – it was!

With regard to the apartment’s location, this will give you an idea.

Diary of the trip

Tuesday 11 June

Time to get on the road. This trip is a short one, distance wise, around 100km straight down the highway to Brisbane. Time can vary for this trip dependant on time of day and traffic. It took us a little over an hour and a quarter and we were at the apartment.

We had a text telling us the apartment was ready at 1pm (2hrs early) which was a great start. But then the fun started. Finding the lockbox with the key was the first hurdle. We were directed to where it was but didn’t expect that it would be at kerb level! Still, we eventually found it. We took our stuff up to the room and unpacked. We tried to get out onto the balcony to enjoy the view, but the door was jammed shut. This led to us having to call the apartment manager to come and fix that for us.

The rest of the afternoon was taken up at Howard Smith Wharves trying out Felons Brewing.   Out came the ‘Craft Beer Passport’ and we did a tasting paddle. We also got given a free beer, a free stubby holder and 2 enamel pins. We had a walk along the river in the direction of New Farm and after stretching our legs for several kilometres, we ended up back at Felons again for dads next 2 beers.

A comfortable evening with Netflix, the great view and a drink saw the day to a close.

Wednesday 12 June

Today started earlier for dad. He set his alarm clock and headed out to take pictures of the sun coming up. After a morning coffee and breakfast at Mews at Howard Smith Wharf, it was time to stretch our legs. The destination, Eagle Street. We walked along the riverwalk to get there and on the road for 75% of the way back. Eagle Street Pier is having a lot of work done and looks very different from the memories I have of visiting with my brother, sister-in-law and my late husband. The Bavarian Bier Café has gone as have the Steamers that you were able to book a meal and a trip on. Thankfully, The Pig and Whistle is still there!!

Following our walk, it was back to the apartment for coffee and to rest the weary legs before we headed out to RGBDigital so that dad could investigate getting some prints done.  The prints were ordered and of course, it would be rude not to visit the local brewery,  Slipstream Brewing. One schooner of G-Force IPA later and we were on our way. Next stop was for me. This sounds sad, but it was at Aldi. They had English food, and I wanted a chocolate fix!! Then we were off to Kangaroo Point Cliffs to scope out a spot for potentially photographing sunset tonight. 

We headed off to Kangaroo Point Cliffs at sunset. Unfortunately, the colour wasn’t there, but once the sky darkened and the city lit up, there was a magic about it. Burgers, beer and wine back at Felons Brewing  tonight and a bit of Netflix to end the evening.

Photography by Barry Beckham.

Thursday 13 June

This morning was a casual start. Over the last few days, we have walked a bit so thought that we’d start ‘easy’ today. For ‘easy’, that means morning coffee make by me and no rush to get showered and dressed. Once ready we headed to Mews at Howard Smith Wharf

Following a breakfast that was equally as good as yesterday, we headed to the Citycat terminal. Swiping aboard with our Go Cards we headed off to South Bank.  We walked around taking some photos and found ourselves staring up at The Wheel of Brisbane.   We decided that we would do the touristy thing and take a trip on it. Five circuits round the wheel and a few clicks of the shutter later, we got off.

A quick drink at  The Charming Squire and we were on our way back to the ferry stop. This time, we got off at Eagle Street and walked around the area taking pictures of some of the buildings. Then a stroll along the river back to the apartment.

This afternoon we headed back to RGB Digital  to collect the prints. Then we had to decide what and where to eat for dinner. Our theory, go back to what you know and love.   The place of choice was  Felons Brewing.

2 pints of IPA, some Pinot noir, crispy chicken wings and burgers,  and dinner was done. The meal was beautiful, the service perfect, great conversation, and well, it just sealed off a great trip. Star Trek: The Next Generation on Netflix ended the evening for us.

Friday 14 June

Time for home today and back to the highway for the trip north. Sat Nav was needed to negotiate city roads. Our sat nav directed us out to the Airport Link Tunnel which avoided us having to negotiate the stop/start of Gympie Road. A quick stop at McDonalds for breakfast and we were home in no time.

Then comes the… “I’m home checklist!”


Arrange tonight’s dinner ✔️

Food shop ✔️

Washing ✔️

Did the trip tick our boxes?

Yes, the trip did tick our boxes. The city, beautiful as always, was on our doorstep via the Riverwalk and CityCat ferries. Breakfast spots and breweries were within walking distance and despite the closeness of major roads, such as the Story Bridge, it wasn’t as noisy as I expected it might have been.

Will we be back

I will always be back for Brisbane trips. I’ve previously stayed in the Mantra hotel on South Bank and Gambaros on Caxton Street, but this is the first time I have stayed in an apartment in the city. The few hiccups we had on arrival with the key box, getting in, the patio doors, as well as issues with the ensuite shower and the other bathroom toilet frustrated me. While you can call the property manager for assistance, I did not want to spend my entire 3-day break waiting in the apartment for people to come and fix things. For this reason, I didn’t report it while I was there.

On reflection, I love the mountains; everyone knows that about me. I love the ocean too. But what this trip has done has reminded me just how much I love the city life. 

The accommodation
The view from the balcony