When the manager of Fleetwood Mac (1981-1999) says ” The Dreams Show was a breath of fresh air when comes to Fleetwood Mac Tribute Shows…these guys live…Big time! Don’t miss this show if you’re a Mac fan!” you know you are in for a good time. 

Take it from me….it was more than a good time!

Dad and I missed this last year (2022) and so when I saw it up at The J in Noosa on April 1, 2023, I was not missing it. I booked it and then broke the news to Dad that he was going out!! At $59 per seat, it was unbelievable value. Even more so, when I tell you that the ‘Dream team’ were on stage for over three hours. But who are the Dream team?

Nikki Canale is an American who emigrated to Australia. She is the Stevie Nicks of the team and boy does this woman know her stuff. She has the costumes, the moves and more. She just nails every aspect. 

Wayne Daniels is our Lindsay Buckingham and is a guitar maestro, vocals and the musical director. 

Regotron Leayr is the John McVie of the band. Bass guitar and vocals being his forte. 

Krissy Linehan is Christine McVie. With the talent for keyboards, vocals and flute, she is the perfect person for this band. 

Matt Skea is Mick Fleetwood. Drums of course, percussion and vocals are where you will find him. 

This band doesn’t just stand there and sing. Photos are shared from the bands heyday. Stories are told surrounding the bands life and music. The originality of the music shared as “Stevie” shares how songs were written through the years. 

There were so many songs performed, there is no way I can name them all. Expect to hear, Go your own way, Dreams, Everywhere, Sara, Songbird, Big Love, Landslide, Gypsy, You make loving fun and so many more. 

This was a thoroughly enjoyable evening. I have seen many tribute bands in my time but this was the first ‘Mac’ tribute. It was a breath of fresh air watching performers that just adored what they were doing.  Performers that didn’t want to leave the stage! 

Great value for money and wonderful night. 





Taken by the band at the end of the night at The J.