Travel time

We left home around 10am, knowing that we had a three-and-a-half-hour journey and plenty of time to do it. We had a little under 300 kilometres ahead of us. We drove down the M1, the good old Bruce Highway, until we reached a scenic drive that allowed us to divert towards the coast. The drive enabled us to take in Kingscliff, Casuarina, Carbarita, Pottsville and Mooball before we rejoined the highway again. From then we had just 30 mins left on the road before our arrival at Skennars Head.


Our accomodation was a Big4 Holiday Park. We booked a superior cabin, 2 bedrooms. Each bedroom had a queen bed. The accomodation certainly ticks all boxes. We were put in cabin 1 at the front.

The accomodation had everything you would need for a stay. The kitchen is well stocked with plates etc. The bedrooms have more pillows/blankets than you’ll ever need, and the bathroom meets all needs.

The one thing I loved…. sockets everywhere. This has been problematic at times when we have stayed in other places, but here…. perfect. Charging devices and camera batteries etc are not an issue.

Link to Tasman Holiday Parks


Skennars Head sits midway between Ballina and Lennox Head. It’s a stunning piece of coastline that boasts fishing, surfing, scenic walks and secluded beaches. Its area boasts camping facilities and is also close to the local airport (Ballina Byron Gateway).

Skennars Head is home to a stunning coastal recreational path that offers walks that are several kilometres long or the ability to simply sit and watch the sunrise over the sea.

Skennars Head is 605km from Sydney and extends to 7.420 square kilometres. The population totals 1200.


The weather forecast for our entire stay was estimated to be 21-22 degrees and 90-95% chance of rain each day. The rain estimated to be between 1-25mm.  Forecasts can change but what happens happens. You can never argue with Mother Nature!

However, the weather was quite haphazard while we were there. The odd day was ok. Bit of wind. A fair amount of drizzling rain, but like I say…Mother Nature rules the roost

What’s there to do.

Northern NSW is a rich Coast vibrant with energy. From local markets to museums. From local walks and cycle ways to national parks, everything is at your fingertips. Local walks in Skennars Head take you across the cliff tops from one lookout to the next while inviting you to look at the beautiful views. The beaches in the area are home to surfers and whatever time of day you visit, the surfers are always there. Wildlife sanctuaries can be found as well as Ballina Naval and Maritime Museum. Ballina lighthouse is a great place to sit and relax. While much smaller than the traditional expectations for a lighthouse, the area surrounding it is open and free for the public to sit and relax. At nine metres tall and weighing 35 tonnes Ballina hosts the ‘Big Prawn’ – one of Australia’s many big things.

This area has something for everyone.

Skenners Head
Clifftop at Skennars Head

What we did do.

Thursday 11 May.

Arriving today we took the chance to have a quick drive around the local area. We knew we needed to locate the shops for basic supplies so did that too. Back to the cabin for a relaxing evening, a snack and watching a movie.

Friday 12 May.

The day started with a walk. We have set ourselves a simple challenge. 2km a day. Today was a 3km walk with some elevation added in for good measure. We walked the footpath at Skennars Head, from Boulder Beach to the top of the hill of the local footpath.

We weren’t sure initially where to grab lunch, but a refresher internet search reminded us of Seven Mile Brewing Company. Today was ‘Asian food day’ and add that in with a couple of 7% ales, it made for a great time. A relaxing rest of the day was in order.

Saturday 13 May.

After Brekky and a shower, it was time for what we call in this holiday mood “a reconnaissance” – a drive around, a reminder of local areas. We drove to lake Ainsworth and flat rock beach. The plan for the reccy was to source a spot for a sunrise photo possibility.

Dinner booked for the Lennox hotel tonight. The meal was ok, nothing to write home about as they say. We have had better. An evening movie night was `A Few Good Men’.

Sunday 14 May.

Mother’s Day – while it always makes me smile to think of my mum, there will forever be an underlying sadness. The place we’re staying left a ‘cake in a cup’ for the mothers. After a shower and brekky, we were ready for a day trip out.  Today’s trip took us over the Burns Point Ferry to South Ballina. From there we drove to Patch’s Beach, Broadwater, Riley’s Hill, and on to Woodburn. We then crossed the Richmond River and headed back the other side along Kilgin Road. We then rejoined the M1 and headed back to Skennars Head. Due to the weather, it was more a drive than anything else.

Monday 15 May.

On getting up Monday after a night of continuous rain, we made the decision to cut and run for home. It was clear that if we were to stay, we were going to get nothing done. We’d be unable to see much due to the weather. Parking where we were thinking of going was a nightmare. So, we packed and off we went.

Would I go back again? Absolutely. 

On the road to Patch's Beach