Glasshouse Mtns

I’m not ashamed to say that the Glasshouse Mountains are my idea of heaven. Build me a house right in the middle of them all and I will be one happy woman. My late husband and I were frequent visitors to the Glasshouse Mountains, in particular a nice breakfast spot that I will tell you about later. That has not changed since his passing. I love to visit there. Just driving through the area puts a smile on my face!

Dad and I had a three-day glasshouse mountain stay. We didn’t stay in a hotel or guesthouse. We didn’t stay in a cabin or tent. We were house-sitting for friends. Feeding animals, watering plants, and having a general relax in a quiet environment. Our friend’s property sits in view of Coochin Mountain. Coochin has been called ‘The Coochin Twins’ but it is one mountain with twin peaks.

Where are the mountains?

The Glass House Mountains are a cluster of thirteen hills that rise abruptly from the land. They are located on  the coastal plain on the Sunshine CoastQueenslandAustralia. They can be reached by the Bruce Highway and Steve Irwin Way and are about an hour north of Brisbane.

History of Glasshouse Mountains

The term Glasshouse Mountains was given by Lieutenant James Cook on 17 May 1770. Why the name Glasshouse? Quite simply, because they reminded him of the glass furnaces back in his home county, Yorkshire in England.

The National Landscape has been added to the Australian National Heritage list in August 2006. In 2009, when Queensland celebrated its 150th Birthday, the mountains were listed as a Q150 icon. 

Where we stayed

We stayed in a friend’s home just off Old Gympie Road.

Where you can stay

Glass on glasshouse is a bed and breakfast, a rather deluxe one at that! Friends have stayed there for a few nights and thoroughly enjoyed their time. It is located close to the Lookout Café and Glasshouse Mountains lookout.

Glass on Glasshouse – bespoke B&B

There are air B&Bs in the area. There are hotels, motels, camping and caravan sites. However, dependent on what you want and the level of luxury and comfort, you may need to stay a little out of the glasshouse mountains vicinity. Here is a link to where you can start to make a search for your ideal place. It all depends on budget, length of stay and how close you want to be to everything of course.

Things to do

The Glasshouse vicinity is famous for two things. Mountains and of course, the world-famous Australia Zoo! Australia Zoo was founded by Bob Irwin and his late wife back in the 70s. It was then handed on to Steve and his wife Terri. Of course, it is now run by Terri and the family since the sad loss of Steve.

Australia zoo

The Glasshouse Mountains are spread around the Sunshine Coast. They are:

 Places to eat and drink

Of all the places that you can eat, there are two particular favorites that I can point you to.

Lookout cafe

The café offers you beautiful views while serving you divine food. Breakfasts are beautiful but here is some friendly advice….at weekends….be there at 9am…bang on opening time. You cannot reserve tables and if I said it gets busy, that would be an understatement.

Beerwah Hotel

The Beerwah hotel offers up a wide variety of food choices. From steak to curry to meat platters to pizza to seafood. I have eaten here on many an occasion. Like most restaurants and taverns, weekends are busy but get online and booked and you’re all good!

Would I stay here again?