Agnes Water `23

Travel time

According to the maps sourced from google, we were looking at a journey of 400km and 4.5 hours. The map journeys are always an estimate of course and depend on traffic, roadworks and how many stops you make. Leaving on a Sunday made me think the journey might be a little easier. People are normally coming home on a Sunday to get the kids back to school and to go back to work. We left at 8am, we’re always pretty sharp with our time! A little after 9, we were settling into a Maccas breakfast, and then back on the way again.

We arrived at 230pm and checked in.


We stayed at  Agnes Water Holiday Park (NRMA)We booked a cabin fit for 4 people to ensure that we had the two bedrooms that we needed. The snag that Dad and I have run into, is that we are considered a couple when I book for 2 people. So, now I have to book for three people to ensure that the extra room is made up and accounted for. We had to pay extra here as we were using both bedrooms. It’s a strange system here. I’ve often put ‘dad/daughter travelling’ when I have booked but it has made no difference.

We were allocated beachfront cabin 7, but when we’d offloaded the stuff from the car, and then took it to our rooms, my room wasn’t made up and dads looked like someone had just got out of the bed. I went back to reception where they told me it was “their fault”, and they would see what they could do. They moved us to beachfront cabin 5. Nothing beats moving a car load of gear at the hottest time of the day on one of the hottest days of the year so far.

Just to the left of the cafe, where it says Agnes Water Beach: They are the beachfront cabins

As far as cleanliness goes, it was not bad at all. The fly screens throughout were a bit dirty, but that’s just me being a bit pedantic. Having no air conditioner in what was the second bedroom, made for a potentially uncomfortable stay for me, but we minimised that by air-conning everywhere else and opening the doors to the bedroom.

The other issue for us was parking for our cabin was not directly outside. Our park ‘space’ was allocated a short walk away next to a skip. Fine of course, if you have one bag to carry, but none of us travel lightly. Spaces outside the cabins were allocated to cars/tent combinations. The car parks had no shade, which in the heat of the summer can be a big issue.

About the location

24th May 1770 was the date that Lieutenant James Cook made the first landfall. It was to become the Discovery Cove and the birthplace of the state of Queensland. Located on the Southern Great Barrier Reef, Agnes Water and the adjacent coastal town of 1770 can be described as nothing short of idyllic. Think history. Think relaxation and think adventure. The area has two supermarkets, plenty of cafes and restaurants, 5 campsites, backpacker hostels, a museum,  lots of accomodation of varying forms, nature walks, cruises, kayaks and a lighthouse.

No stingers and no crocs, just beaches and rainforests

Agnes Water and 1770 information


We are smack bang in the middle of summer. I always check the forecast before I pack, just so I have a little forewarning if some dodgy weather is coming. But it is summer and the forecast before we left has remained constant. The temperatures are in the 30s with full sun and clear blue skies. If I said it was warm, that would be an understatement

What’s there to do

The area boasts many things. Must-see attractions are the Paperbark Trail, The 1770 Butterfly Walk is a must as is the Red Rock Walking Trail  from Springs Beach.

The sunset can be enjoyed from 1770 marina and it’s possible to partake in some 4WD in Eurimbula or Deepwater National Parks.

This of course, is just the top of the iceberg. Fishing.  Swimming in the ocean. Listening to live music at local taverns and during music festivals. There is the chance to do a Lady Musgrave Cruise from 1770

When you wake each morning, sit outside with the first cup of coffee of the day and this is the view, it’s pretty good. the high temperatures made for clear blue skies and little breeze. The beach was sporadically full of people through the day, dependant on how hot it was and how big the waves were for the local surfers. 

A couple of our mornings were spent at the Holiday Cafe,  just a few short paces from our cabin. The view was just as good here! Very reasonable with pricing , they served meals from early until mid afternoon. A bacon and egg roll, coffee and then a smoothie was our choice. My Dads first smoothie that he had ever had!

What did we do

I kept a short day by day diary so here goes.

Sunday 29 January:  The day was taken up with travelling so when we arrived we settled in and chilled out. We did venture to 1770 for an hour that evening to watch the sun go down.

Monday 30 January: After a warm start to the morning, we ventured to the café for breakfast. A short walk from the cabin is the camp café. A couple of bacon and egg rolls cheerfully accompanied by coffees made for a nice start to the day. A fruit juice for me made from beetroot, carrot and a variety of other things and a smoothie for dad, his first one ever.

A cold cider at the tavern as well as a short drive around the area of Agnes Water, enabled us to get a lie of the land, and to stay cool. Reminding ourselves of the location of The Paperbark Trail and Chinamans Beach gave us a chance to benefit from the air conned car! Tonight was back up to 1770 for sunset. The drone went up again, but unfortunately due to Dads painful knee, he wasn’t able to walk to the lookout. Back to Agnes Water Tavern for dinner and ribs for 2. They were hanging off the edge of the plate, falling off the bone and extremely good value!

Tuesday 31 January:

Unsurprisingly the heat is still here. Summer is making an impression on the coastline! As we did yesterday, a wander to the café for bacon and egg rolls, coffee and smoothies. I took my iPad and managed to even churn out a little freelance work while drinking my coffee. Following a restful day, we went out for a drive to Baffle  Creek and Rules Beach. The plan being, investigate what’s there, take some images and take sunset shots on the way back. While Dad did press the shutter a few times, we didn’t get the sunset we hoped for. It’s clouding over as a weather front is moving into the area. Rain is expected tomorrow.

Wednesday 1 February:

A quiet and rainy day started scrambled eggs and mushrooms on toast. We had a relaxing morning due to the weather but ventured out at lunchtime. We drove to 1770 and had a glass of wine overlooking the water. Followed that with a drive so Dad could click the shutter on his R5. Found Roundhouse Pizza tonight and dined in there. Amazing pizza.  

Thursday 2 February:

Driving home! Set off around 840am as we were both ready and just got going. Finally arrived home around 1445. The amount of roadworks were unbelievable. Every few kilometres there were a new lot. Couple that with hitting a small kangaroo in the car and that was the journey home. It was an unavoidable issue. When you are driving a stretch of road at 100km, one lane each way,  and it hops out, you have nowhere to go. Luckily there is damage to the number plate and number plate frame only.


So, what’s next? Planning a new trip. Dad has a potential couple of days away with the Camera Club in March but that’s not me.  Where will our next trip be? Who knows?

1770 Sunset
Baffle Creek
1770 Lookout