Drovers Den & Dreams

I’ve decided to try my hand at poetry.

About a farming tv show.

It’s a series about a group of girls

Who decided to give it a go.

It started with a woman

Who purchased Drovers Den.

She purchased cows and sheep

And kept them in a pen.

This farming lark was a childhood dream

Even so I dreamt it’s course

I knew it would never happen

Cos I couldn’t even ride a horse.

At Drovers Den there was the owner

Claire McCleod was her name

She took on extra staff

To keep her in the game.

Meg was a farmhand who learnt the tricks of the trade.

Her daughter Jess also helped and certainly made the grade.

Meg was also a brilliant cook

Who made a favourite- apricot chook.

The girls they stuck together.

Making Claire McCleods dream come true.

This was also Claire’s parents dream.

So she’s making it stick like glue.