You Am I: Tommy

Where else can you leave home, get to a concert in 20 minutes, park for free and in about 100 metres be at the show? I’ll tell you. The Events Centre in Caloundra. That’s where we were, and the show was You Am I performing the rock opera Tommy in its entirety.

From the first note of “Overture” to the final songs, “Tommy’s Holiday Camp” and “We’re not gonna take it”, this was something special. Add into that Baba O`Riley and My Generation as an encore and this was next level.

You Am I are an Australia band fronted by singer, songwriter and guitarist Tim Rogers. Tim was accompanied by Davey Lane, as well as Sarah McLeod of ‘The SuperJesus’, former Jezebels singer Hayley Mary and others. Together on stage, the feeling of The Who was created, from the mania and energy of the drumming to the passion for the music being created. The energy from Sarah and Hayley added to the performance. At one point Sarah said, “this is the first time we’ve done this.” I’ll let you into a secret, you’d never know.

You Am I had several singers throughout the band. What I admired was that each singer was used appropriately, whether they were male or female, or for whatever the song was known for. The strongest vocals for that song were put front and centre which made for such an enjoyable musical experience.

My Dad and I were front and centre. He loves Tommy, and at the half time break I said, “what do you think?”  His reply was, “wow, just wow.” Those three words sum up the night.

Wow, just wow.