One of the good guys

Having been a fan of Ms Hall since 2020 and having had the privilege of interviewing her for my website, reading this book was a no-brainer. It could not get in my hot little hands quick enough.

One of the Good Guys is something special, one of the best I’ve read in Ms Halls literary catalogue. We meet Cole, who leaves his failed marriage to have a fresh start in the country. He finds himself a seaside cottage and a job that’s as far away from the bustle of the city as he can get. Cole encounters Leonora, a reclusive artist and finds what he believes to be a kindred spirit, someone he can relate to. Two female activists that are raising awareness for violence against women disappear in the area bringing Cole and Leonora together in a frenzy that neither saw coming.  A police investigation and media firestorm ensues, Cole and Leonora realising how little they may know of each other.  What happened to the activists? Who is Leonora? Where does Coles estranged wife fit in?

I loved this book. This was a 36-hour read. So, so good. The characters were beautifully written, well rounded and with substance. They were relatable which added to the ease of the read. The plot was unpredictable, not what I saw coming at all.

I can sum this book up in three words. Here and now. We dive into violence, feminism, how women feel unheard in certain situations, how assumptions are made, social media, general media, the impacts of both of these, and much more.

This book made me look inwards at myself; examine how I’d react in this plot. When a book does that, it’s a winner. Ms Hall has taken this book with her plot and characters, asked a multitude of questions, demonstrated the impact of media and social media and gifted us a great read.