Mum, wife, you

When you write custom poetry, it can be hard to find the words, especially if you don’t know that person well. 
This custom poem was written for someone special. On December 17th she turns seventy. Amongst her many job titles are daughter, sister, aunt, mother-in-law, friend, sister in law and wife. 
Most importantly to me, she is simply mum.

Someone says “Mum” and what do you see?

I see a woman who looks like me.

I may be 20 odd years behind.

Looking at you, I know what I find.

I find a woman who raised two kids.

Home every night, for their every need.

I see a woman whose fifty years wed.

To her ideal man, what a life you’ve led.

Memories of holidays, caravan, tent.

Always a laugh, wherever we went.

Memories of shopping, Mum, daughter and Nan.

BHS breakfast , that’s how shopping began!

Memories of dinner parties, friends come to stay.

Eating rich food, drink the night away.

Memories of days out, the ones just with me.

Those memories are mine, no one else will ever see.

Barry and Carol, a couple for years.

Since they were young. Since they were kids.

Barry and Carol, a duo for life.

An amazing husband met his loving wife.

Happy birthday to you, you are  our queen!

Celebrating with you as you turn seventy.

Happy birthday to you, a wife, friend and mum.

The love that you give frames the people we become.

There are not enough words to say on this day.

Not what you should hear from a writer eh?

We’ll settle for this, hope this is enough.

You belong to us and we send all our love.