Hidden Depths

Araminta Hall is the author of Hidden Depths. The tagline on the book here – ‘You never know whats going on beneath the surface’ is reflective of Ms Halls writing. Each of her books have been exquisite but each have that something special. Each time, that something special is different. Hidden Depths is no exception. 

This book is a delicious mix of so many things.

Look on this as a recipe. Four main characters grace the pages. Mix in the widower unable to realise life without his wife. Stir in a husband and wife from the higher echelons of society. Add in their maid and cook until bubbling at the edges. 

Bringing this plot to the boil are two things. The setting of the Titanic and the knowledge (spoiler) that the widower is our authors Great Grandfather. 

To pull together history, scandal, romance, intrigue, the Titanics fateful voyage and suspense in one book, is a gift. Araminta Hall has that gift. 

Reading this book, you will meet Lawrence. Widower with a son. Despite his son, he feels his life is over now his wife has gone. You will meet Henry and Lily, our husband and wife from high society and you will meet Becky, Lily’s maid. You will be handed more twists and turns that you can see coming. 

I have had the pleasure of interviewing Ms Hall – please see the link. 

Araminta Hall – Author

Do yourself a favour. Grab this book and get reading. Its one of those that you can’t stop reading! 

Oh, and then start on her other books!!!