Stiff Washing

A beautiful day.  Lovely and warm. 

Perfect for washing and drying the family’s hoard. 

Everyone says ‘put it out on the line’

Why would you do that, unless being unkind!

It sounds perfect to say, get it out, see the sun. 

But have you noted what happens when your washing is done?

Your undies are stiff. Have to snap them to fold. 

Imagine that is such a sight to behold. 

But two loads are flapping about on the line. 

They big girl pants look like sails. I admit they are mine. 

The  rotary line is spinning so fast. 

Everything else horizontal with force. 

The washing is done, the undies are snapped. 

They’re over my arm and I`ll say ‘that is that’

If one of my kids, complains about stiff underwear. 

I’ll tell them ‘do your own washing, see if I care!’