Conversations with

Major Dick Winters.

The title itself tells you all you need to know. This book is about Major Dick Winters,  and the conversations the author had with him.

Of course we know of how Major Winters led Easy Company from D-Day through to Berchtesgaden. His story of course, continued for many years after the war. He was a quiet man, someone who found the term ‘hero’ a little off putting. The modesty and strength that the reluctant hero had, was pivotal to the man he was. It not only drew the admiration of his men, but  following the release of Band of Brothers, it gave him worldwide recognition. 

Our author, who some have described in their reviews as ‘obsessive’ in nature with regard to Mr Winters, shows a clear admiration for everything Dick Winters  signed up for, everything he did, and how he was such an effective leader. Even if the reviews deemed ‘obsessive’ are right, is that such a bad thing? Winters was such a phenomenal leader and revered by his men. I’d be happy with an obsessive author who made sure that this book was ‘obsessively’ correct.

Our author, Cole C. Kingseed shares not only Dick Winters war experiences, but his search for peace after the war. Of course, we all know that the search for peace was interrupted by the series Band of Brothers, but the legions of well-wishers and admirers that came to meet him, were part of a big picture. Those well wishers and admirers wanted to know more about him, his story. This enabled a lasting legacy to be left in our world as more and more people became aware of Dick Winters.

The impact of Dick Winters was magnified by the reaction to his death on January 2, 2011. A man of tenacity and integrity. A man of character and courage. A man of calmness in the face of undeniable adversity. A man who would be greatly missed.  

Our author has written a beautiful book. It is written very well and dialogues the friendship he had with Major Winters during his final years. It is abundantly clear through Cole C.Kingseeds words, that he values the friendship very highly. That respect was no doubt reciprocated. He states that Major Winters is his best friend. There is criticism from other reviewers in  that the author would label his wife “his female best friend”. That to me, is not a criticsm. I have female best friends and male best friends. It does not mean one ranks any higher than the other.  

It is refreshing through this book, that our author shares stories too. After all, “conversations” are 2-way, and this book should not, and is not, all about Major Winters. It’s the conversations they had between them. It is a very informative read. It is a personal read. It is a comfortable read, the conversational style adding to that ease. As someone who has read copious amounts of Easy Company books, it is easy to think that this is another book about the same battles. Another book giving the same information. While to a degree it is exactly that, it is a deeper dive into the psyche of Major Winters. How he felt, what he said, what he did.

Thank you Cole C. Kingseed for this book. I highly recommend it to all of the  Band of Brothers  community.