Jen Best

When you do what I do, when you write for a living, it is always good to read as much as you can. I was recently introduced to the person and book, that todays interview is all about. 

Meet Jen Best. 

For all my readers, please introduce yourself. 

My name is Jen Best. I was born in the UK and live in East Anglia. Im 68 years old. 

What do you do?

I have been a Digital Artist and Poet for 30 years. 

How did you get into art and writing?

After leaving High School (where Art was my Favourite Subject), I went on to Art College, but left after a year or so to earn some money.

I then worked for a Temping Agency as a Secretary and GPO trained Telephonist for a while, and after that, a similar job with a Shipping Company for some years.. It was a happy place to work. 

Tell me more about your writing?

I was drawn to Writing and Poetry because there were so many ‘thoughts in my head’ which made me chuckle, that I thought other people might like to share those too.

I notice you have a particular interest with your writing. What can you tell me?

The particular subject matter of my eBook, contains images  which are mainly supernatural or magical beings, which stems from my curiosity and imagination about that.

I suppose I’m a spiritual person myself, and do believe in good things.

You have also dabbled in photography haven’t you? 

Regarding my photography: I was a member of IDIG (Internet Digital Imaging Group), created by Barry Beckham, for some years, where we shared our photography and digital images, which we created from those too.

They helped quite a lot with information about layers and effects etc.. which I didn’t have much knowledge about.

They were also supportive in my efforts, which was encouraging.

I was not a particularly good photographer, but enjoyed seeing others photos and creations… we also had many  laughs in the group too.

IDIG was part of my fascination for creating digital images.. and I remember the group and the people in it, fondly.

Tell me about your book.

“Fairies and Fings” is my first book and I describe is as ‘a magical fantasy land with beautiful creatures’. There are poems about fairies, witches, and hares. I have funny poems, abstract work, cats and lots more. It really is a variety! 

I enjoyed writing it. Of course, some poems came to me easier than others did. Thats only natural when you’re writing. 

I thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking into making this an audiobook too. 

Thank you Jen for sparing me your valuable time. Good Luck with this book and your ongoing endeavours.