My Sat Nav

I got lost with my sat nav.

I’m sure I  thought I knew.

Where it was I was coming from and where I was going to. 

I got lost with my sat nav. 

This technology you know!

You’d think that this machine would know where I was supposed to go. 

I got lost with my sat nav. 

It told me to turn right.

I did exactly what it said and drove towards the light.

I got lost, damn that sat nav.

It needs to be exchanged!

For something thats  intelligent and well within my range.

I’m lost without that sat nav. 

Seems i just can’t win

I should just stay at home so I  wont forget where I’ve been. 

At home. Ive got no sat nav.

But there I can find my way.

From lounge to kitchen to my bedroom at the end of this chaotic day.