“Beef `n` Beer”

If I said the name “Bill”, it might not mean a great deal to some people. If I added the word Wild in-front, and the name Guarnere behind it, then it elevates it to a whole new level. Of course, I am talking about Wild Bill Guarnere from HBOs Band of Brothers. Veteran of Easy Company, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment. 

What is the Wild Bill Guarnere Fund?

The Wild Bill Guarnere Fund supports veterans and families. This can be done through education, community assistance or financial aid. 

The fund is is proudly headed up by Deborah Rafferty, President. Deborah, along with the committee, work tirelessly to ensure that the work continues in Bill`s name.  

How many events have there been?

2015 saw the inaugural outing. A memorial golf day and dinner. 

2016 saw  the second golf outing and dinner. 

2017 was home to the third. 

The 2022 Event

Due to the world pandemic stopping the golf outings for a couple of years, this years event was a “beef ‘n’ beer” 

The Wild Bill team got together with Jason Fogg from Pop McCanns whiskey. He created a hero edition Bourbon, the first one being “The Bill Guarnere”.  A cigar company has joined forces too and are in discussions about a ‘Wild Bill Cigar’

Peter Youngblood Hills (Shifty from Band of Brothers) was there on the night too. 

How much did you raise?

Altogether over $3,500.00 was raised on the night, but donations are still coming in. 

How can people continue to donate?

You can still donate through the Wild Bill website – Wild Bill Website or a check can be mailed to this address: 

Wild Bill Guarnere.  PO Box 156, Broomall, PA. 19008.

Is there any merchandise that can be purchased to help you raise money?

There certainly is. Head to the website and there are T-shirts there. $25 plus shipping. 

Whats next?

Whats next is that we plan 2023`s event….whatever that may be!

A huge thank you to the Wild Bill Guarnere Fund for all that you did for veterans and their families. You are giving a precious gift to those who have served. 

Thank you for giving me the time and allowing me to document your evening. 

Thank you Bill, for your service and the beautiful legacy you have left us with your family.