Bunya Mtns


Travel time

The travel plan took us down to Beerwah via Steve Irwin Way. Then we headed out to Kilcoy where we stopped for breakfast. From there it was out to Blackbutt, Yarraman and Maidenhead.  The last turn right led us up the mountains and we were here. We left home at 930am and after a breakfast stop at the milk bar in Kilroy, we arrived around 130pm.


The Bunya Mountains accomodation is set in the middle of the national park. It’s here that you discover the largest bunya pines in the world. Cool mountains, rainforests, birdlife, unique panoramas and waterfalls are just a few things there to discover. The Bunya Mountains is a spectacular wilderness range forming an isolated section of the Great Dividing Range situated about 150km from the coast and lying almost centrally between Kingaroy and Dalby. The Bunya Mountains is pristine, peaceful and spectacular, yet only 2½ – 3 hours from Brisbane and 3 – 4 hours from both coasts


Our accomodation was “Lochanbar”. A 3 bedroom, 1 ½ bathroom house. Found at 5 Firefly Drive, it was close enough to the café, tavern and accomodation office. The house had everything we needed. Towels, linen, crockery, pots and pans and toiletries in the bathroom. My only criticism with the accomodation is that you have to make your own beds. I’d rather pay a little extra to get that done for me.

What’s there to do?

There is a lot to do but it all depends on what you want.

  • Stargazing – On a clear night, the views are amazing.
  • Views – There are many lookouts with great views ripe for the taking.
  • Sunrises/sunsets – Spectacular sunsets and sunrises.
  • The Mist – Imagine a morning surrounded by the mists of the mountains.
  • Birdwatching – 254 species have been recorded to date.
  • Bushwalking – There are many kilometres of tracks for your feet to follow.
  • Poppies Café will offer up homemade Bunya nut delicacies such as scones, ice cream and more.
  • The Tavern will have your favourite beer on tap or maybe a whiskey or two?
  • See the Bunya Pine Trees – Cones drop in the height of summer (February).
  • If you’re up here in winter, make the most of log fires.
  • See the native animals.
  • Cycling is available but bear in mind you’re on a mountain so the workout might be more than you’re used to!

But if all that makes you sweat and panic just to read it, pull up a chair, pour a glass of wine and pick up a book.

What did we do?

Arrival day

After arriving and my making both beds, we unpacked & sat outside. The backdrop to the cabin was lovely. Trees and nature. As soon as we sat outside, a few sunflower seeds and some bread in our hands, the birds came to see us.  We also saw the kangaroos too.

The sulphur crested cockatoos, king parrots, crimson rosellas and blue satin bowerbirds came down to see us. There were so many of them. All flying in at intervals and occasionally having a scrap with each other over the food we were giving them. Our evening was spent relaxing and watching a movie.

Tuesday 7 November.

Waking up on Tuesday after a very reasonable sleep, it was definitely time for coffee. Coffee bags never match up to dads’ machine but they’re a close second when you’re away from home. Then as we sat with our bacon and egg sandwich breakfast, it was on. The parrots started stalking us.  Sitting outside the door on the back of the chair, waiting for food. They don’t forget that you fed them and as soon as I opened the door, I had them fighting around me for the coveted position of sitting on my shoulder.

Then we took a drive out to Kingaroy and back through all the country lanes. I say country lanes, but the road was the main Bunya Mountains Road and Highway (in some places 1 lane and gravel road!) Kingaroy is an old town and if I am being honest, it’s quiet and uninteresting. Nothing grabs your interest. Back to the house and the bird feeding frenzy continued! Snack dinner and a movie.

Wednesday 8 November.

Bird feeding frenzy is on. It’s a morning ritual at the Bunyas. You open the accomodation curtains and there they are..waiting for you. At lunchtime we went up to ‘poppies on the hill’ café and I tried “Bunya Nut Ice Cream”. That’s going to be my new mantra – everywhere we go, I’ll try something I have never had before. 

We had a very chilled out day watching the birds fighting over the food. Dinner is booked for tonight, our last night, at the Bunya Mountain Tavern. We haven’t tried the tavern because it’s open until 3 on our first 2 days. Makes sense because apart from high season, it wouldn’t be busy enough to remain open. I have 2 choices from the menu for tonight. Schnitzel or ribs…. seriously…who am I kidding!!!

Dinner was okay at the Tavern too. Home tomorrow.

Thursday 9 November

It was time to leave the Bunya Mountain Accomodations.  Time to hit the road for home. As well as birds and kangaroos, I can now add dingo to the ” Guess what we’ve seen” animal list. We were flashed by a car and caravan as we drove home. A few metres further on, we noticed the dingo standing on the side of the road. Well, after all of the animals and birds, its now back to washing and putting clothes away. Real life waits for me.