I loved that…

When a poem comes to me, it can be anytime. Morning, evening, middle of the night or when I am out in the car. This one came to me as I was flicking through YouTube one night. My inspiration was this scene from When Harry met Sally. 

I loved that….

I loved that you called me Joanne and not Jo, only you and Mum did that.

I loved that you accepted me for the person I was.

I loved that you never tried to change what I was meant to be.

I loved that you made me feel so safe and warm

I loved that when you hugged me, it felt nothing could penetrate your arms.

I loved that your DIY and that everything you did, was a `5 minute job.`

I loved that you  loved my family and loved spending time with them.

I loved that you always loved my Mums lemon meringue pie.

I loved that you always loved my Dads mince pies.

I loved that you taught me how to cook.

I loved that we called each other all day at work and on hands free on the way home.

I loved that no matter how many times we spoke, we always had something to say.

I loved that we had a give and take marriage, we were a team. We worked together.

I loved that you bought me flowers every week. My love of sunflowers grew from that.

I loved that you surprised me with theatre trips, when I’d least expect it.

I loved that you surprised me with holiday destinations, ones I’d longed for.

I loved that you sat outside changing rooms waiting for me, ready to give your opinion.

I loved that you always remembered if there was something I liked and it would turn up.

I loved that every night, for the last hour before we slept, we talked. Just about our day.

I loved that you said we’d always be together. You said you had no idea what you’d do without me.

Now I am left from our partnership, our double act. I am the one left.

What’s left are memories of our life wed.

What’s left are the words, the two of us said.

What’s left are the items I will keep for life.

What’s left are the thoughts I have, your wife.

Most importantly, what’s left are the feelings I own.

Those feelings will stay wherever I roam.

The smiles in my life that will never go.

The love in my heart and the depth of my soul.