Stolen Youth

How Radical's are erasing innocence and indoctrinating a nation.


The indoctrination of Americas youth is spreading through their schools. Long gone are the days of being able to trust the teaching staff, camp counsellors, doctors and other societal structures that once could be relied upon. Now Americas children are being pushed through an aggressive agenda of politics. Wokeness is insidious.

Matt Walsh says that “Stolen Youth pulls back the curtain on this persuasive ideology and arms parents with the information necessary to protect their children.”  Abigail Shrier tells how our authors have written an indispensable field guide for parents in negotiating these unique challenges.

The book has been labelled racist, homophobic, and right-wing propaganda. It’s been labelled as conspiracy theorist and lies. It’s been labelled as something that indoctrinates children. How would I label it? I’d call is a compelling narrative. I’d call it a well written book discussing how the innocence of children is under attack.

Our authors discuss how many topics, one which is about raising resilient children. Raising children that are not afraid to tell you what’s happening with their lives. Children that do not spend their whole life on social media channels where they can be easily influenced. School assignments, library books, TV,  and social media channels have all played  to the woke agenda. It’s time to do what’s right and that’s what the authors are advocating for. Look at the child. What is going on in todays world is a battle for the child’s heart, for their mind. The child’s heart and mind belong to the parent, not a woke agenda.

This is a well written and well researched book. It is argued well throughout, one of the bonuses of two authors. It’s a captivating book that I would recommend all parents read.