Christmas Tins


The family have  finished ploughing through the Christmas food. 

I didn’t think I’d bought as much as I usually do. 

I poked it all down them, with a huge blunt stick.

And put the leftovers away ready to have in the week. 


Trouble is, at Christmas, it all comes in a tin! 

Kids like to keep them to put stuff in. 

Such a shame to throw a nice tin away. 

You never know when you will use it someday.  


After Christmas , those handy tins really do increase. 

Taking over the house , one by one and piece by piece. 

I find one myself and plan to put something in.

When I open it up, its full to the brim.


Kids fill them with pens. 

Some filled with cars.

Some still have food. 

Lucky to find that one! 


Before you chuck it away, Can I have that tin please?

My husband says. I want in for the garage. 

Little does he know, he ain’t getting one. 

Hes getting five, free ones you know! 


I pick up the phone and dial what I see. 

The number from Tin-o-holics helpline, there for me. 

I need them to help me part with my tins. 

Or at least persuade the kids that they go in the bin!