A Company of Heroes

Personal Memories about the Real Band of Brothers and the Legacy They Left Us.


A company of heroes is authored by Marcus Brotherton and centres beautifully around the legacy that has been left in their memories.  

Band of Brothers came to the world in 2001, via HBO and our TV screens. It introduced us to Richard Winters, Lewis Nixon, Harry Welsh, Joe Liebgott, Mike Ranney, Eugene Roe and so many more. 

In the just over ten hours of TV, that gave us these names and faces, we began to learn about the real Richard Winters. The real Eugene Roe and the real Joe Liebgott. Did they get through the war? Did they marry and have families? What legacies did they leave? This is where Marcus Brotherton steps in. 


While other books concentrate on the military campaigns, this is the book to pick up when you want to know about the men. Who were the individual men of Easy Company? This book takes you in and answers every question you have, without you even having to ask it. 

A company of heroes talks to the families of some of Easy Company. They share what their memories are of their fathers when they came home from the war, and their knowledge of them beforehand. 

Similar threads cross every story, no matter which soldier is being discussed. I noted that the majority of soldiers declined to talk about the war when they came home. The soldiers also had severe difficulty in readjustment to normal life. That is hardly surprising. 

What I like about this book  is its respect. Respect to the men and the history behind them. The book honours the gentlemen of Easy Company. What it also does is allow their families time to share their memories and enable the world to understand who these men really were. We all watched Band of Brothers, but if we`re being realistic we all know that Hollywood can over-dramatise. I was pleased to see corrections from the series put right. After all, no-one knows these men like their family. 

Thank you to the author for his time and respect with this book. These mens memories will never be forgotten. 

To the families, thank you for sharing your memories. 

To Easy Company. Currahee