“Making it so”

Sir Patrick Stewart’s autobiography captivates from the outset with vivid accounts of his Yorkshire upbringing. Accounts that I could most certainly relate to due to my South Yorkshire in-laws. My Dad and I had been rewatching Star Trek: The New Generation, so when I saw this book, it was a must-have. I’ll put this disclaimer right here. While the title indicates Star Trek, if you are looking for a book of Picard, you may be disappointed. This book, and quite rightfully so, takes us back to young Patrick in Mirfield, West Yorkshire.

“Making It So” showcases Sir Patrick Stewart’s acting prowess as we walk through his career in the pages. His theatre work. His love of acting from an early age. His determination to do whatever was required for the pursuit of the career through to Jean Luc Picard and his roles of today. The love of acting shines through the words on the page as he describes experiences and memories with some of the worlds finest actors.

It’s a beautifully written book, almost feeling like a conversation, as if I am sat with Sir Patrick hearing these words directly from him. His words and phrases have been chosen carefully in this memoir, every one of them reflecting Sir Patrick’s tone, inflections and mannerisms.  His storytelling shines, every chapter flowing effortlessly. His depth of insight into his upbringing and intricacies of his life have been documented well through the pages. The themes of resilience, introspection, and the ever-present opportunity for growth amid life’s trials and tribulations were present throughout.

The pages offer up a rich tapestry one of humour, tragedy, wit and triumph. They offer up self reflection as he comments on things he’s done. I found myself engrossed in this book. I did not want to put it down and had to fight off the need to take it out with me! It’s a captivating read and a thoroughly entertaining one. Sir Patrick’s memoir has introduced me to another facet of his talent…writing.

Thank you, Sir Patrick, for your memoir.