We stand alone together at the base of Currahee.

We stand alone together, just you and him and me.

We’re troopers of the airborne. We’re in the 506

They call us Easy Company. We are a right old mix.

Winters there to lead us, he stands so straight and true.

Always calm and faithful. There to see us through.

Doc Roe, he was our medic who was there for every need.

Appearing like an angel to those that lay and bleed.

Malarkey in our ranks, such bravery there was.  

More time on the frontlines, than anyone in the squad.

Babe Heffron, a replacement who fitted right on in.

South Philadelphia native, with his Philly shuffling.

Another one from Philly, Guarnere was his name.

He and Babe became a double act. Never apart again.

So many men to mention. I just can’t name them all.

Everyone a hero.  Everyone stood tall.

Veterans are gone now. Their history living on.

In the legacy they left us. Their family growing strong.

There needs to be more mentions of what these fellas saw.

We need to teach the young ones – tell the stories, tell them more.