A Poem by Mum: Lee

Classic cars have grabbed my son Lee  and there is no way he would lend his car key. 

He drives very fast round the Nurburgring but being careful while he does his thing. 

He has two cars that he takes to the ring . A red one and white one you see.

He loves when he goes to Germany but  says there are times its a little scary. 

Lee is also into model cars. He has units with so many. 

From Lledo through to Matchbox. There are cars a plenty. 

Lee has charted all his cars. It took him months to sort.  

Each one was colour coded, could have become a bit of a chore. 

Between Lee and his partner Clare, they share a love of different things.  

Clare always loves her Bad Taste Bears, Lee loves his cars and driving the Nurburgring.